Why Cloud Gaming Will Never Work

Dan writes - "A few years ago everyone was asking themselves, what’s next? What’s going to be the next step in gaming? Many of the top video game industry analysts said it would be cloud gaming. Cloud Gaming at its current state is having a game streamed to you from another computer that has the horsepower to run the game that your device can’t really handle. This is currently coming to life with the OnLive service. The service has become pretty interesting with games being able to be played on tablets. But it’s going to be short lived and here’s why."

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TooTall192262d ago

Solution: DIDO. Within 10 years, bandwidth caps will be a thing of the past.

If cloud gaming works now, then it will work even better in the future. Anyone that uses OnLive will tell you how much it has improved since launch. It won't take over everything, or at least not for a long time. It is just another option.

Pikajew2262d ago

I dont have a bandwidth cap

aliengmr2262d ago

I doubt it will ever be mainstream. It will be popular on handheld devices mainly. Thing is, you can't cut out the hardware side of gaming without consequences. I could see cloud gaming as a great way to offer demos for PC games, where devs and publishers can have more control.

Ice0062262d ago

Exactly right. Think of it as trying to squeeze more and more traffic into a city that can only support X cars at once. There will be a breaking point. Especially as consoles and PCs can do this processing locally and pushing 1080p 7.1 channel audio to thousands of people in one city.. Yeah, not gonna happen any time while those specs I just mentioned still mean anything.

And that's just the bandwidth side of things. OnLive might be a nice niche-market alternative at the moment, but imagine if we're all FORCED to go cloud gaming soon. Several million people logging on at once to play Modern Warfare 5 (or something). No company is going to want to pay for the hardware to run all of that.

In the grand scheme of things, the hardware costs will have to remain the burden of the consumer. And that's just the way I like it :)

dedicatedtogamers2262d ago

I'd rather just own the game, have it in my hands. Any benefits cloud gaming might offer are offset by its many, many disadvantages.