SWTOR Impressions: Bugs, Niggling Issues & Complaints

GamingUnion: "Up until this point, our last two features on Star Wars: The Old Republic have been fairly positive, and to be perfectly fair there's a reason for that. BioWare has done a wonderful job creating a MMO that not only has a lot to offer players looking to level, but also seems to understand all of the nuances that make the Star Wars franchise so much fun. There's no hiding away from it being one of the most stable MMO releases that I've ever encountered, with almost no server downtime or crashing of any sort. That's not to say that playing SWTOR is full of perfect experiences from start to finish, but rather the typical issues seem to be nowhere in sight. Instead what we have is a conglomeration of problems that players should be prepared to inconvenienced by, but not for very long."

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mephman2325d ago

To be honest, I'd say BioWare have done pretty well. Most MMOs when they launch are plagued with issues, SWTOR has hardly had any.

tweex2325d ago

They spent more money making it than the Death Star so I would hope so.