Incoming Battlefield 3 Updates – Red Dot/Holo Fix, M320 Tweak, and Javelin Nerf

Mp1st - Alan Kertz, Senior Gameplay Designer at DICE has recently listed some updates that we can soon expect to see in Battlefield 3.

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Criminal2326d ago (Edited 2326d ago )

February highlights for me: my birthday and finally a big BF3 patch.

Edit: PS Vita comes out next month too. :D

Mister_V2326d ago (Edited 2326d ago )

If it falls on your birthday... I will quit Battlefield forever and head over to CoD-land :)

EDIT: Kay no, CoD is cool too. I'll quit FPSs forever.

Detoxx2326d ago

No matter how many times I read your comment.. I just dont get it

Mister_V2326d ago

Haha. Sorry. Just laying down the theoretical stakes if the next BF3 patch manages to fall exactly on Criminal's birthday.

dark-hollow2326d ago

couple users complain about a weapon = NERF!

RememberThe3572326d ago

Seriously. Theo only issue is the auto shotguns with frag rounds. But in all honestly the "nerfs" don't seem too bad, more like tweaks to that they perform as intended. At this point I'm more irritated by what they haven't fix than by what they have.

FanboyPunisher2326d ago (Edited 2326d ago )

Javs are pretty OP, no idea if its after you.
Jav nerf is good, since Javs are way too good at being AA.


Dont be a baby, BF has always been about air. This isnt COD, All you need is two people with stingers or javs and the aircraft is down.
Harder with one person, but its easily done.

Dont be so dramatic, you'll still kill just wont be completely OP vs air now.

PixL2325d ago

On my birthday, I'm going to fly abroad to meet my BF clan friends. How about that? ;)

BeaArthur2326d ago

Why don't we all just spend the entire round in helicopters because apparently DICE is planning on making them invincible.

soundslike2326d ago

you should do your best to try to spend the entire round in a helicopter

BeaArthur2326d ago

Then who is going to plant bombs on M-COMs and capture flags, or actually play the game?

Kurt Russell2325d ago

Naaah, helicopters could do with a bit more power. They're a bit redundant on the battlefield at the moment. Aerial warfare has always been a large part of Battlefield... A good team controls the skys as well as the ground.

MariaHelFutura2325d ago

Lol, I get flags w/ helis all the time. Hover over it, or land on a roof. Plus. Spending an entire round in a heli is hard if the other team is prepared for it.

Ser2326d ago

Agreed. Agreed HARD.

How about slowing down the flare deployment rate? I mean really? What aircraft has infinite flares?

Majin-vegeta2326d ago

WTF why they nerfing the Javelin??Hardly anyone uses the damn SOFLAM against the air vehicles.

peeps2326d ago

Agreed, I really don't see Javelin as being an issue

scrambles2326d ago

except on Wake* Ive gone up against teams with 3 of those things. Helis and Tanks got shredded by 3 engineers with javalins

Ducky2326d ago

Javelin is a tad bit too effective against air vehicles though, if you have a few friendly SOFLAMs on your side.

However, they better increase the ammo capacity for Javelin if they nerf the damage.

Criminal2326d ago

Yeah maybe the SOFLAM Javelin combo should be nerfed, not the javelin on its own.

Crystallis2326d ago

I agree with the ammo capacity of the javelin. If they nerf it , add more then 3.

TheXonySbox2326d ago (Edited 2326d ago )

Every game and server I play on people use it, its OP as fuck. Soflam is used ALL the time on B2K DLC, I dont know about you Console kiddies with 24 players, but in a 64 player room a few people have some working brain cells to put a Soflam up.

I like how the people bitching are the people who use the shit out of it. They are upset they will be getting less kills with an OP method.

Javs dont beep when shot, you have no idea when they are in the air unless they are in your LOS. Thats fucking OP for a video game, when all other lock-ons beep for you to flare.

Good that they are nerfed, the Devs see it. I see it. But some fools just dont.

WorldGamer2326d ago

Wow, angry much guy. Have a seat, take a breath and count to ten.

Sounds like you have had a bad experience with the Javelin.

You sound a bit, how do you say.... sour. Way over the top guy.

Ser2326d ago

"I dont know about you Console kiddies"

Stopped reading right there.

They can nerf the Jav/SOFLAM when they nerf the choppers. How 'bout that?

caseh2326d ago (Edited 2326d ago )

TXonySbox has a point, I don't play on the PC but the chances of having more SOFLAMS deployed with a 64 player game is quite obvious.

On the PS3 with 24 players, you have 12 players on a team taking into account people don't quit. I can count on one hand the number of times ive been fortunate enough to have been able to use a javelin on a jet or heli.

Go on nerf it on consoles and make it completely redundant. i mean seriously, why don't you buff the usas while you're at it, its not like the entire EA forum is constantly complaining about it now is it?

jp02491072325d ago

I pity the foo' that don't be seein' how OP the Jav is!

Seriously man...I hope you don't talk like you type or you're never going to get a real job.

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krazykombatant2326d ago

M320 is already garbage.... you have to get it right on the person for it to even work.

Nerfing the Javelin?????????

Really its already garbage against anti air.... Unless its me and my friends playing no one ever uses soflam to help out.

The famas could use a bit more recoil. but other than that the game is fine.. Jesus people like bitching..

scrambles2326d ago (Edited 2326d ago )

M320 has a timing feature. If you shoot it near u it will only do 50 damage unless direct hit. If you shoot it at someone far away itll do 100 damage. In an attempt to reduce spam on Metro but lol that failed.

edit: BF games can take up to if not more than yr to balance so be prepared for a ride.

PhantomT14122326d ago (Edited 2326d ago )

Seriously, they need to make mandatory polls for some of these nerfs.

Otherwise we'll end up with:

BeaArthur2326d ago

Actually they need to stop nerfing and buffing and actually take a look at balance. It seems as though all they are doing is looking at a specific problem/issue and then only adjusting that one thing. They need to step back and take a look at air vs. ground balance as a whole. Javelin's have become "OP" because they made the stingers useless. If they had just done a better job balancing the stingers and helicopters this probably never would have become an issue because people would still be using stingers.

TheXonySbox2326d ago (Edited 2326d ago )

I still use them, they work fine.
Just tell your teammates to help.

BF3 isnt a SOLO game, you need to communicate to get shit done. This aint cod, dont act like it is when you bitch that you cant solo the enemy heli.

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