Setbacks arise with Microsoft TV

Since E3 2011, Microsoft has made it clear they intend the Xbox 360 to become the entertainment hub of every console-owning living room. With initiatives and partners to bring on-demand TV and services to the new Dashboard, Microsoft has also been working on a larger goal: their own subscription-based TV service.

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Chaostar2355d ago

Setbacks? I thought they flat out cancelled it?

If Sony can manage to get on board with Google TV it'll be a further blow to Msofts entertainment providing dreams. I'll keep my Playstation in the living room and Xbox in the bedroom for now.

SockeyBoy2354d ago

MS aren't going to see my money for this service. I wish they would spend their time and money on more games.

Buzz7S2354d ago

Seeing the amount of TV-based content available on the Xbox 360, whether it's free-to-air or not, I don't see the point of Microsoft TV.

If anything, it's better they scrap it and concentrate on bringing more content to Xbox LIVE. It's worked well over the last 16 or so months. It will continue to work well.