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SiStevens says: "As a father of two young children I am rapidly seeing the room I used to know and love rapidly be inhabited by dolls, toys, Hello Kitty shaped tea sets, cuddly toys and pillows. Space is beginning to become a rare commodity. This is not so great when your Kinect playing area is already limited. Due to the current setup of my living room – which is also the biggest room the Kinect can go in – I have a space of 8ft 10 inches between TV and wall and keep finding myself standing against the wall so Kinect doesn’t bark orders at me via the screen about moving back, which is fine if I’m playing Child of Eden but if I’m playing anything that involves swinging my arms back it’s not ideal."

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The hand that feeds2355d ago

I got one for Christmas, Iv played child of Eden Rise of nightmares kinect sports2 an dance centrel. From my point of view it should me packed with every kinect. I couldn't play most of my kinect games before as my back would be against the wall. Now I can play as close or as far as I want and it works perfectly,... For me 10/10 I can kill zombies with a lack of my own blood now!!!!!