Soul Calibur V Creating Characters 2 in-depth look

Here's another video which takes a closer look at the character customization options in Soul Calibur V.

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RGDfleet2377d ago

Cheap male gaze trick....not too amused tbh. No approval from me.

RaidensRising2377d ago

The video is actually pretty informative. Great if you've an ounce of interest in the actual game.

RGDfleet2377d ago

Oh i know i know, god i'm turning in to an n4g troll. But still....that image doesn't convey 'informative' xD

D3mons0ul2377d ago

That picture's old news RGD

Noteworthy2377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )

I suppose fighting games are relevant again now, officially.
And Ezio will make it relevant to the non-caring or unaware.

bunt-custardly2377d ago

Nice image, I'll give it a look. ;)

Sanetoshi2377d ago

That warrior outfit is just silly.

Actually a lot of this stuff is silly.

All I can hope for is that I can make Guts (from Berserk) in the character creator. That he hasn't shown up as a guest character in one of these games yet has always been a disappointment to me.

MetalX2377d ago

They're using TT's to sell the game ffs.

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