What happened to Multiverse? The inside story of its closure and the truth about that Firefly MMO

An in-depth look at the closure of Multiverse, the company that was looking to change the face of MMOs, and held the Buffy and Firefly MMO licences

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pr0digyZA2262d ago

Very good article. Interesting things in here.

tigertron2262d ago

How I miss Firefly...maybe one day a TV channel will bring it back.

RedDead2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

Yeah it's a damn shame it got cancelled.
Gas the way the fanbase ended up getting a movie made though. Dedicated fans right there

tigertron2262d ago

Seriously, if I won millions of pounds in the lottery (haha) I would pay mega bucks to get shows like Firefly, Terminator TSCC and 24 back on air.

MasterD9192262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

The Science Channel intermittently shows Firefly episodes and you can always catch Serenity once a month on Syfy. I think it is literally the best Sci-Fi show out there and it stands on it's own. Damn shame it never made it too far, even with the film.

But IMO I think FireFly would be better suited for another movie that could resolve the main story and open up a new chapter for a new series on t.v.