Discounted Import Vitas: Just Wait Until February 22

Chris Buffa (Modojo): As someone who's made plenty of ill-advised purchases (here's the proof), the thought of buying an import PlayStation Vita seems tempting. For $399 ($100 more than the U.S. 3G model), Play-Asia will send the Wi-Fi system my way, and I'll have it at least a month before everyone else. The curious stares in public, the random conversations, the wide-eyed kids that can look but not touch...all perks of importing.

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KeybladeMaster2202d ago

Or you can pick up one on the 15th with the First Edition Bundle. I'm just saying...

Razongunz2202d ago

or not, if u live in europe.

darthv722202d ago (Edited 2202d ago )

"The curious stares in public, the random conversations, the wide-eyed kids that can look but not touch..."

There would not be many (if any) curious stares or random conversations about the vita. It resembles a psp and the psp out in public is as common as seeing the ds.

It isnt like all of a sudden you see someone with what you think is a vita and go ask only to find its a psp. Tech gadgets like the vita, 3ds and of course the psp and ds are not the eye catching pieces they once were. People are so engrossed in their own individual smart phone/tablet world to look up.

Now if you stood in the middle of the mall and screamed: "I have a ps vita" then you might get some attention. Some because of the fact you say you have a vita. The other from people thinking your weird for screaming in the middle of the mall.

Misterhbk2202d ago

@ darth
I live in the US and I've had my Vita for almost a week now, and it's caught quite a few people's attention while I'm playing on it at work. Not just co-workers but customers as well.

I've also spotted several people on near so I'm not the only one in my area with one

StraightPath2202d ago

ill perhaps pick one up when its price dropped. Nice price drop will be nice.

Fatal Blow2202d ago

Am just gonna wait not to long to go. Plus will get the headphones 6 ar cards and £5 off games and 3 free ar games as well plus grantee. Even tho the wait is killing me lol

BrianC62342202d ago

I agree. Why import from Japan? Just get the US version. Be patient.

PHiSHLoC2202d ago

Dude jump off jump out...that's all this guy writes about damn enough w/ the vita articles let the thing get released first WOW. Its as if the vita is a motorcycle STOP riding it.

TheColbertinator2202d ago

I'm only getting a Vita until Persona 4 Golden releases.

Razongunz2202d ago

''i'm only getting a vita until persona 4 golden releases''

now that can be confusing :P

i guess u mean *When* persona 4 golden releases?
or ''i'm not getting a vita before persona 4 golden releases''

or are u gonna get a vita and then sell it,/trash it/trade it when persona 4 comes out? xD

TheColbertinator2202d ago


Here is a better question.

Who gives a rats ass?

Razongunz2202d ago (Edited 2202d ago )

@TheColbertinator. probbably the ppl who agreed with me, i don't know xD.

0ooJimmyoo02202d ago

I agree with Razongunz as well, he proves a point :)

No need to get angry now TheColbertinator, no one is taking a pick at you. Just stating a pretty logical opinion is all. ^-^

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