Jak & Daxter HD Collection: New Screens

Sony today have released a new batch of screens for Jak & Daxter HD Collection

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Instigator2110d ago

This is the game that will sell me a PS3. I already have them for PS2, but I can't play them anymore since my brother took the PS2 with him when he moved out.

tigertron2110d ago (Edited 2110d ago )

So let me get this haven't got a PS3 and the games that have convinced you to buy a PS3...are a collection of PS2 HD ports? 0.o

darthv722110d ago

well, that shows just how persuasive jak in HD can be.

On topic, I myself only have the 1st but being able to get the collection on one disc is money well spent. Come on ratchet collection.

Instigator2109d ago

Well, yeah. Is it so weird that being able to play 3 of my favorite games from my childhood again could make me buy the console.

It's not like there isn't any other games I want. J&D HD is just gonna tip the scale.

KILLERAPP2109d ago

Love Jack and Dexter, going to buy this for sure...

morkendo232109d ago

also ratchet an clank collection RELEASE DATE PLZ!!!