Why you shouldn’t shed a tear for Dante

Gematsu: "For an industry that seeks to define itself as something more than a children’s form mindless entertainment and, a segment of its supporters appear to be mindlessly childish. In fact, terrifyingly so."

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Jake_the_Dog2230d ago

I'm not buying this abomination, I'll buy the HD collection.

fallingdove2230d ago

The Author, as well as many others that discount the DMC fanaticism, fail to realize the fundamental reasons why these individuals are behaving the way they are.

A video game is much more than a book or a movie. For a game like DMC, to simply finish the game it requires a several hour investment, to master the game it requires an even greater investment. With the amount of time these fans spend building up their skills and attaching to the characters, it might as well, in their own minds be a structure they created.

So when a new building inspector comes to town and says that the skyscraper they built was shit, tears it down and then builds something very foreign to them - of course they are going to be upset, of course they are going to lash out. It is as much Ninja Theory and Capcom's faults that the fans have behaved the way they have as the fans themselves.

I can understand the want or need for change, but when you treat the source material and the fans with such disrespect, you are not going to be sent roses.

I like Devil May Cry, I finished the 4 games to date but never mastered them so I can't consider myself a connoseiur but even I am angered by the liberties that have been taken with the game as well as the childish things Tameem has said regarding fans and the games DMC 1-4.

j-blaze2229d ago

so basically all he wanted to say is " LEAVE DINO ALOOONE!1!!1"

that's what this piece is all about....what a waste