We must do better with Move, Sony admits

The new boss of SCE UK has told MCV that the company should have sold more PlayStation move units in the UK than it has.

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remanutd552381d ago

then we are the move required games? a MediEvil move required game would be awesome

Nitrowolf22381d ago (Edited 2381d ago )

There already is
but it's on rail
wouldn't really call it a true Medievil game, but none the less it's a fun game

I agree though we do need some games for it and i'm not talking about games that have it supported, i mean full out exclusives. They gotta hurry up with Sorcery, those are the type of Move games i want to see

remanutd552381d ago

that Medieval moves : deadmund quest , nothing to do with MediEvil the franchise , i want another Sir Daniel Fortesque adventure

Jobesy2381d ago

Sorcery is a must. There also should have been Sports Champions 2 by now. No excuse for that.

Virtual_Reality2381d ago

Sport Champions should have Online mode.

LOGICWINS2381d ago

^^Weird. I'm having a great time with Move and I'm not interested in Sorcery in the least. Looks like a six hour Harry Potter simulator...without Harry Potter's deep story and characters.

darthv722381d ago

they should try a bit harder to incorporate move only features in their games. Thing is that they obviously wouldnt want to sacrifice traditional controls either.

Which is sort of how they are doing it now. Move as a control option but not a mandatory one. im sure it changes the flow of the game so not every game would benefit from such changes.

Sports games and dance games and maybe a star wars game for move. In fact, that star wars arcade game sega made could do nice with a combination of move elements (like when dueling DV or boba fett) and controller ones (flying and other fighting sequences).

More light gun games such as virtua cop (where did that series go?) and time crisis etc. There are lots of ways they could use move but to me they were more about releasing it to compete with wii/kinect than actually dedicating some time to making it work outside of existing games.

Becoming the power glove of this generation when it is better than that.

NukaCola2381d ago

Sony has kind of left it on the back burning at the same time as implementing it in everything. So it's supported but not publically. They need to market the hell out of it. Sony did make a smart move with Bioshock Infinite which will support Move, 3D and come with an exclusive copy of the original Bioshock(with Move too? Seems pretty much confirmed) on the bluray disc.

Side question: Is Bioshock Infinite supporting Multiplayer?

sikbeta2381d ago

Kind of LATE again SCE, not surprising, sounds like the PSP push from back in 2009, when it was too damn late for that portable, although I have to admit, the thing still selling even if it almost has no games, it's surprising... hoping to see more games so I can justify a purchase :)

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MAiKU2381d ago (Edited 2381d ago )

Everybody Dance is a pretty fun game with the move. Though it's more like party casual gamer kind of thing. We need more games that put emphasis on the sword fighting you'd see in sports champions.


I have no idea why i made this a reply to your comment. sorry, an act of stupidity. hopefully a mod can fix it.

StraightPath2381d ago (Edited 2381d ago )

Move is was pretty bad, One game that seems it be utilising it effectively is upcoming Sorcery..but poor mans looking fable is not going to make people buy a wii motion plus rip off. Same pretty much goes for kinect hundreds of garbage kinect games..but the only difference is MS is making a killing off the casual audience... to MS its a huge success and it is. Kinect just pooed on Move. But again is there a actual game that utilises it effectively? Perhaps that upcoming Fable the Journey game...

With nintendo Wii. The wii mote is centric to your gameplay experience from zelda to mario you actually use its motion capabilities. With kinect and move its just a silly gimmicky add on. Seriously move fps with the attachment awful just awful.

sikbeta2381d ago

Idk know if it's a poor's man looking Fable, but I liked the version showed @ E3 09? the one with the kid that becomes a rat :lol: that was damn good, now it's totally different :(

Hicken2381d ago

Have you seen the latest Fable? It's a poor man's Sorcery, at best.

And I KNOW you're trolling and/or being ignorant when you say Move for FPS is bad. (Being left-handed, I, myself, find it awkward, but such is the life of a Southpaw.)

RedDead2381d ago

WOuld love for a game like RYSE to come out on his, except it wasn't scripted due to lack of a controller like Kinect

Shadonic2381d ago

what do you mean by scripted ?

KonaBro2381d ago

the actions on screen were being "acted" out by someone on stage to make it look like someone was playing the game but they really weren't. Here's an example:

KonaBro2381d ago (Edited 2381d ago )

double post

-Mika-2381d ago

I forgot about this thing.

thehitman2381d ago (Edited 2381d ago )

No Skyrim Move support was fail in my book if Sony wanted to push Move. That game has Move written all over it.

raytraceme2381d ago

unfortunately that game also has microsoft money written all over it.

Christopher2381d ago (Edited 2381d ago )

Disagree. Skyrim is about using both hands, which means you would wield two move controllers for performing your swinging and casting actions. But, if you do that, you lose the ability to move freely since you would not have an analog stick. Furthermore, without two analog sticks, you lose the ability to look around as well.

Edit: Let me explain my reasoning a bit more.

The purpose of using Move controllers is to give the player the feeling of immersion, which is done by utilizing their arms and hands in a manner mimicking what you would do in the game.

Example: When I swing my right hand with the move controller, my right weapon would swing. When I make a spell-like gesture with my left hand with the move controller, my left slotted spell would activate.

Now, in order to do this appropriately in Skyrim, you would need two move controllers, one for each hand. But, in order to do this, you would need to give up both analog sticks.

Now, you may be thinking, can't I just use my left and right-hand move controllers to also move? Sure, we could work that out. Perhaps when the controller trigger isn't held down, your left hand controls facing and your right-hand controls forward and backward movement. But, think about how this plays out when in combat.

I'm going to have to manage my trigger presses and move position to then switch based on which hand I need to attack with. Furthermore, if I'm playing a sword and board character, I'm going to lose one of my primary move options because I'm going to be defending with my shield the whole time or using it to bash.

The over complex system makes for a very poor and not at all user-friendly system for managing one's character. This wouldn't immerse a player, it would over complicate something that already has a controller that makes it easy to perform all of these actions. There would be absolutely no benefit, all negatives.

Shadonic2381d ago (Edited 2381d ago )

its already been done with kinect on the PC

Fishy Fingers2381d ago

Switch "with" for "than" and you'll be on the right track.

Rainstorm812381d ago

The funny thing is Move is the most game centric out of the three Wii-mote, Kinect, and Move.

The biggest problem with Move is that Sony didnt think of the casuals first as their competitors did..... personally i dont have a problem with move it just needs more games that cater to its strengths

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32381d ago

Are you serious? I can see your comment making sense if it was just between Kinect and Move, but...

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