A Quick Review, Halo: Primordium (Talkingship)

What does a Halo Fiction nut think of Halo: Primordium? It may surprise you …

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JitterbugTS2262d ago

I haven't read any of the Halo books. If I were to start, which one should I look for?

m232261d ago

Fall of Reach and Ghosts of Onyx are great to start out with. If you are really into Halo, I recommend Cryptum and Primordium, they deal with the forerunners rather than Master Chief and the Spartans.

Cobberwebb2261d ago

Don't think you can read Ghosts without reading First Strike first as then tie together. I would go in this order: Fall of Reach, First Strike, Ghosts of Onyx, Grasslands. Cryptum, Primordium. Then the others in any order

m232261d ago

Damn, the book isn't that bad. The first half is pretty slow, but it really picks up after that.