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SovereignSnaKe2256d ago

-I agree Very nice image, but ugh.. the same day as ME:3, I think i'm going to dedicate the month of April to nonstop silent hill, a spring month of Horror!

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2256d ago

That's a bad idea.
Releasing all these SH games in the same month.

SolidGear32256d ago

I'm getting HD Collection and Downpour when they comw out but want touch em' until I'm done with ME3.

PersonMan2256d ago

I thought the HD collection was coming this month. That's a major bummer.

Now there's NOTHING to look forward to until March.

Great times to be a gamer... NOT!

DarkBlood2256d ago

i thought so as well then i checked amazon and both the collection and downpour are both listed at march 6 at

SolidGear32256d ago

What choo talkin' bout? Final Fantasy XIII-2, NeverDead, Binary Domain, Syndicate, I Am Alive, Killzone, House of the Dead III and Afterfall: Insanity is nothing? LOL. Syndicate will be one of the top games of 2012.

PersonMan2256d ago

FFXIII-2: Don't like those types of games
NeverDead: Looks like it's gonna suck
Binary Domain: Never heard of it
Syndicate: First Person Shooter? No thanks!
I Am Alive: Kinda interesting, but need to see more
Killzone: No thank you
House of the Dead III: Never heard of it
Afterfall Insanity: Haven't heard of this one either

I'm just waiting for Max Payne 3 and Silent Hill HD Collection.

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