OnLive’s Future is in the Desktop

Whether you’re an avid follower of consumer electronics and keeping the pulse on CES 2012, or you’re just reading the coverage here on OnLiveFans, you know that OnLive has clearly changed the face of cloud computing. While they’re not necessarily doing something supremely original, it’s the sum of all of the products they’ve been building that makes OnLive Desktop so exciting. Unlike the majority of the articles usually posted on OnLiveFans, I’m going to be examining this from more of a business aspect.

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Yodagamer2235d ago

I'd argue that onlive could make a big impact if they tried to get the software built in to a tv, imagine being able to turn on your tv and just choose your game without the extra hardware and discs

DeadlyFire2235d ago

Well that is the whole point of it anyway. Won't be fully saturated in the market til 2020 I don't believe though.