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Dealspwn: Sometimes, every once in a while, a game will come along that is riddled with the most basic issues. The graphics will lurch between dire and vomit-inducing, the control inputs will seem to require extra fingers and conventions of convenience for the player will be notable by their absence. Yet, occasionally, there'll be a game that warrants love and affection in spite of these things, a game that sneaks up on you with its inventive charm and original disposition. A game that you find yourself still playing, six hours later, even after you used every swear word under the sun in the first ten minutes. A game that redeems itself; one that makes everything worthwhile.

AMY is not one of those games...

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gigreen2383d ago

I'm still waiting for an official statement :(

Is there gonna be a patch that fixes the broken save system and framerate or what? If there is, AMY could turn into a decent game.

FuzzyPixels2382d ago

I really hope so, such a patch would go a long way to make the game less offensive...but only because it's so far gone.

There is a good concept, it just hasn't been realised. More's the pity.

Berserk2382d ago (Edited 2382d ago )

hahaha hihihi hahah you sooo funny!

Edit: and so original:)