Would You Pay $275 for This Little Isaac Clarke?

Kotaku: Sideshow is bringing out a limited edition statue of Dead Space hero Isaac Clarke, dressed in his workman's duds from the first game, not his space policeman outfit from the sequel.

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bwazy2202d ago

Wish I had the the room and money for such trivial/ pointless items in my life.

lorianguy2202d ago (Edited 2202d ago )

I'd buy a console and the game with that money :)

Although the quality of it is impeccable!

bebojet2202d ago

I will not spend $275 on that but I have to admit that statue is gorgeous.

ScubaSteve12202d ago

275 can go towards my college tuition or books

acemonkey2201d ago

it looks cool.....and there be somebody buying it....see it all the time....even i do that