Microsoft Offers Up Smart Incentives for UFC Disruption

When a company goes out of their way to comp unhappy loyal customers and consumers, it is a sign that they trully care about their fan base and their reputation. This past month, Microsoft did just that.

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Munky2353d ago (Edited 2353d ago )

I received an email today from MS stating that I will be getting this weekends card for free, pleasantly surprised to be honest.

Mikeyy2353d ago

Thats cool and all but the way this article is worded its as if bill gates wrote it himself... major ass kissing.

Dread2353d ago

Yep always try to spin the negative
Even when ms objectively does something good u will c the sony brigade find a way to critizise andi hate
U guys r pathetic

nightfallfilms2353d ago

Yep I got an email yesterday giving me access to this weekends UFC event free and one month of Xbox Live for free.

Munky2353d ago

Nice, I didn't even notice the one month free until I saw your comment.

gigreen2352d ago

Great news for US 360 users.

As a European I don't really care though, UFC gives us all the events for free in HD :)

Kurylo3d2352d ago

unlike sony that gave me a stupid game i never wanted when their online got hacked and i missed out on netflix for a couple of months :P... Yes I said it! Bring the rage!

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