Sorry America, No BlazBlue Underboob for You

Kotaku: Fighting game BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend, the second revision of BlazBlue: Continuum Shift, is already out in Japan. It's coming to North America this Feb. But Continuum Shift Extend isn't bringing the game's Japanese box art with it.

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SOD_Delta2263d ago

It's a major deal. You can't just censor "art" willy-nilly. It's distastful to say the least. /s

Yea it's no big deal :P

RedDragan2262d ago

Gotta say well done to the american censor brigade, I wouldn't have noticed on the Japan version anyway if they hadn't bothered doing this.

Reminds me of the Peterborough school girl who was suspended for using Twitter outside of school as she was deemed "to be bringing the school into disreupte".... which in turn was called a scandal when it appeared in the newspapers and thus, brought the school into disrepute on a national scale. Bwa-ha-ha... suits have no idea how real life actually works.

Kevin ButIer2262d ago

Cleavage: right

Underboob: ¬_¬

SilentNegotiator2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

I wouldn't even have been positive that was a female character if it was not pointed out to be that it had a (barely noticeable) pointy chest that was meant to represent breasts.

I don't think the USA is as sensitive as some of these publishers (or whoever is responsible for cover translation) thinks it is. Provocative women are everywhere; on billboards, on TV, on buses, IN buses (lol) one is going to start a riot over some underboob.

Bimkoblerutso2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

It's true. People from other countries who accuse "Americans" of being prudes don't seem to realize that the wrinkly, old white dudes that run the vast majority of our rating systems and/or perpetrate censoring like this, DO NOT represent the actual mentality of our culture regarding sexuality.

The American public in general is actually fairly provocative.

vortis2262d ago

Yeah apparently they never seen some of the ads in Timesquare...makes that cover art look like a colorbook project for Little Timmy.

mynameisEvil2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

To be honest, It took me a solid 45 secodns before I noticed where it was censored. Yeah... you can tell I was REALLY lookin' for it to have noticed it so quickly...

But what's the point of really censoring it? How many people did they think would fap to the tiny bit of underboob? :/

Bimkoblerutso2262d ago

I fapped three times to it just now.

CoLD FiRE2262d ago

It's kinda big deal for me. I was gonna buy the game but now I'm really not sure. That underboob was the deciding factor for me. Now I'll have to find another bit of cleavage on either side of the cover to convince me!

ronin4life2262d ago

It must be for one reason or another, seeing as how it is the "hottest" story on n4g right now....

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bruddahmanmatt2263d ago

When you're desperate for hits, tossing "boobs" into a title is sure to reel em in.

Cosmit2263d ago

What, is breast more like it?

dedicatedtogamers2263d ago

Imma wait until BlazBlue 3 (rumored to be coming out this year/early next year) anyway, because there's no way I'm doing the DLC run-around on this game. Arc System Works is even worse than CAPCOM when it comes to DLC for their fighting games.

Simon_Brezhnev2262d ago

Naw their not worse as the Con Artist Capcom but their close. Im not paying $40 for one new character and some balance fixes. If they do an update on PSN for $20 then i will get it.

admiralvic2262d ago

In what reality is Capcom worse... AT LEAST Capcom released a decent port of Street Fighter IV for the 3DS and AT LEAST Capcom does costumers where as Blazblue charges for announcers/pallet swaps.

admiralvic2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

Hm site glitched and double posted.

Simon_Brezhnev2262d ago

Lol what does 3DS have to do with it. Either way they both do crazy stuff. All BB games had spectator mode where as Con Artist Capcom didnt and make you buy a new game just to get that mode. Well im waiting on the Persona 4 and Nurarihyon fighting games im bored with BB and SF series now.

NoobSessions2262d ago

The director for Blazblue showed interest in starting Blazblue 3 in 2012. This means the arcade version itself wont be released anytime this year, and after the arcade vers is released, the console version gets released months after.

Also, BBCSEX has more than just 1 new character and a complete rebalance of the characters, its more than that. Theres always been a ton of content packed in every blazblue game.

Also, complaining about announcers that are DLC which are really just fanservice [Jpn voice actors]? In BBCS2, they gave you tons of palettes for each character. Sure the DLC palette isnt necessarily good, but its nothing to complain that much about since they already gave you a large selection to choose from.

ThichQuangDuck2263d ago

Maybe the Ultimate Blazblue contium shift rift will have side boob. But seriously who cares?

Hicken2263d ago

As long as I get more Noel, I don't care.

... okay, I'm a little sad, since it's Mu, but still..

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