Razer's Project Fiona May Change Gaming writes, "We’ve seen some rather dramatic shifts in gaming the past five years, but Razer’s Project Fiona has the ability to shake up the market even more. While we’ve seen the emergence of tablet or mobile gaming increase by incredible amounts, Razer has a rather perfect idea for gamers in mind."

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T9002380d ago

Lol naa my gaming laptop is way better. they should either make it really portal or else if its going to be that bulky my laptop will eat it for breakfast.

Most of us who want such bulky hardware for portable gaming also need laptops when we travel anyways. A laptop with the added functionality of playing games in 1080p will barely cost 200-300usd more and will rofl stomp this device or the Vita or the 3DS.

Usually when i am traveling i have my DS3 controller with me all the time. Laptop had HDMI it simply gets plugged into the hotel TV and i can play on my DS3 wirelessly, or if i am on a train the laptop display itself is pretty dam good.

Animals_as_Leaders2380d ago

This thing looks horrible.

If razer want to merge the console-PC divide then they need to make better customisable controllers with 4 shoulder buttons per side and programmable macros.

The Onza was a POS and their tablet/ gaming laptop exploits have been laughable.

They should stick to the accessories...and this time put some effort in. Both my Onza's died within a few short months.

Baka-akaB2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

It could be much more comfortable and easy to use than the tablet+pad setup , but i dunno if the general public , the one that would be truly concerned over it , would go for it's lack of aesthetic and bulkiness .

In a nutshell , i might be proven wrong , i'm not sure what's the public for this .

The mainstream guys wont care for this , as they've been disdaineous enough of even simple tablets with half more weights than the ipad ... and the hardcore usually wont , has they got better setups

meowthemouse2380d ago

My 600+ steam games on a portable? YES PLEASE!

gamernova2380d ago

Dang! And I thought I had a lot.

closnyc22380d ago

what they need to do is giv eyou a wireless pad that connects trhough bluetooth or something to the tablet, and then play with the pad. instead of the blowjob handles on the sides

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The story is too old to be commented.