It’s Time to Figure Out If You Give a Damn About Neverdead

Kotaku: The unkillable Bryce Boltzmann comes to life on January 31 in Konami's Neverdead. Should you care? Megadeth hopes so. Owen Good didn't seem to think so. Perhaps a new batch of screens will help?

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MysticStrummer2197d ago

I guess I'm ahead of schedule. I figured out quite awhile ago that I have no interest in this game.

TheMutator2197d ago

i have Megadeth Thirteen now, i dont care about the game!!!

SolidGear32197d ago

Looks cool but I'll have to wait on all the reviews.

rezzah2196d ago

I've seen the interviews about the game's story. I have seen tons of gameplay trailers. One thing is clear, that I don't know the game by its name only.

I'm buying this.