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Submitted by PaPa-Slam 1416d ago | opinion piece

IGN: Opinion - Boobs, Bad Games and Misogyny

IGN: If game makers want to distance themselves from cheap marketing tactics, there's a really easy solution. (Culture)

Jake_the_Dog  +   1417d ago
Blah, blah, blah, who cares.

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Titanz  +   1416d ago
Fantasic gif sir
TheGameFoxJTV  +   1416d ago
NukaCola  +   1416d ago
Bioshock games sell because Kevine Levine is a genius. The worlds are amazing and the story is incredible. Elizabeth's boobs aren't the seeling point. It's like that of any outfit in that time period. Can a pretty girl not get targeted?
Tonester925  +   1416d ago
How many boob articles are they going to have on here!?
PixL  +   1416d ago
I don't mind boob articles if they attach boobs to them. I wonder how many E3 precogs do we have to handle. It's another 5 months to go and they just keep coming.
BiggsnWedge  +   1416d ago
Ah I guess IGN needed to get on the boob train
tplarkin7  +   1416d ago
It's not a cheap marketing tactic, it's the reality of what men like. Men like pretty women, not ugly ones.
Septic  +   1416d ago
That is true (although not all gamers are men).

I find it funny that IGN comments on such an issue yet they, as a gaming site, have Babeology and other such erection inducing material on their site.

Off-topic: What happened to Samurai Jack?! That was one of the best cartoons ever! I guess Aku won in the end :(
undercovrr  +   1416d ago
I don't know, I think Samurai Jack finally got tired of facing AKU over and over again. Man probably wanted to settle down with a family and a son to teach samurai to.
Captain Qwark 9  +   1416d ago
boobs are way over-rated, i dont mean that they're not awesome, i mean people make way to big of a deal about them in games, who cares if their big or small, does it really effect your game that much?????
ShaunCameron  +   1416d ago
Since when did anything with women showing boobs = misogyny? It looks like some people have no idea what the word means.
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xyxzor  +   1416d ago
IGN should be the last one talking about cheap marketing tactics.
D3mons0ul  +   1416d ago
Considering how nonexistent their journalistic integrity is.

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