BioWare Working on an Unannounced UE3-Powered Game

Mogware announced today that BioWare Corp. has licensed its automation toolset, revealing that BioWare is working on an unannounced title powered by Unreal Engine 3. Could this be a sequel to Mass Effect, which is powered by Epic's technology, or is this a brand new game that will be published by the developer's new owner Electronic Arts?

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ShiftyLookingCow3900d ago

Bioware has repeatedly said it wants to finish ME trilogy(Story is probably already finished, it is so well developed in ME) on the 360 so its likely Mass Effect 2 or perhaps KOTOR 3.

ThaGeNeCySt3900d ago

Hopefully they learn the tools better and can get a more steady framerate & less texture pop in

wageslave3900d ago

hehehhe, whatever. Whatever imaginary quirks the game has, it is unnoticable while I play.

Whatever you're spreding FUD about, the game has 9.2 / 10 on Metacritic, and I can barely put it down.

Best Sci-Fi RPG ever.

ThaGeNeCySt3900d ago

let's not get carried away here... Mass Effect is my favorite game this gen thus far and is easily my game of the year bar none... aside from those technical issues, the game is fantastic otherwise... no FUD spreading here.. just my opinion that they should work on the framerate @ times as well as the texture pop in (evident in most ue3 powered games)

jackdoe3900d ago

Mass Effect 2. EA wouldn't have them working on anything else.

Eclipticus3900d ago

Except that Sonic RPG and that unnamed Lucasarts title already mentioned.
(Im sure its the lucasarts or ME2.)

mighty_douche3900d ago

Someone needs to come out with a new engine....

power of Green 3900d ago (Edited 3900d ago )

Doubt its ME 2...

It would be big news for anybody that has not played indeed.

I read they wanted to take a break then make some DLC for the first one while they figure out what to do with ME 2(Story wise).

Who knows how many teams they have doing different things and what they have done already.

If EA messes around with ME 2 the games is worse off.

All I know is if EA gets involved and breaks their promise BIO will have to start from scratch the engine was custum made.

PS360WII3900d ago

Maybe not big news for those who didn't play Mass Effect

PS360WII3900d ago

hmmm DLC would be pretty sweet if it was a fair price. EA likes the whole downloading thing so it is possible. Yea and hopefully EA keeps their noses away from Bioware

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The story is too old to be commented.