Kinect For PC Costs $250, Is It Worth It?

GamerFitNation's Gregory Laporte discusses whether or not the Kinect for PC is worth $250. "After a rigorous day of doing my daily duties, I sat myself down to catch up on all of the daily news posting and CES information from around the web. There was one announcement that really confused me and had me questioning myself if Microsoft had lost their damn mind. It was the announcement of the Kinect for the PC. Now it wasn’t the initial announcement of it being for the PC as there have been many videos of people hacking the Kinect and creating new tools for their PC with it. The only issue I had was they are trying to charge $250 dollars for it."

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chasegarcia2323d ago (Edited 2323d ago )

it will cost students $150 later on with student discount.

xtheownerzx2323d ago

Yea, but you missed the final part of that which it states "$149 for Qualified Educational Users"

darthv722323d ago

there would be a price difference. I will have to read up on what is really different and why you cant just use a kinect for the 360 on a PC. Others have done that with great success.

I am making an assumption that the cost difference is the user tools MS 'officially' provides for it. Pricing aside, it should make for some even more interesting projects now that it has the MS seal of approval for PC.

RedDead2323d ago it any different that the Xbox version? Or should PC users just hack the XBox one because they're getting ripped off?

2323d ago
Nitrowolf22323d ago (Edited 2323d ago )

@ The_lonely_Planet

He actually makes a good point here. If it's no different then the Xbox 360 one then might as well buy that one and hack it for the PC instead of bending over and paying for the same product. Whether he's comment is considered trolling is up to mods. It's not like he's saying it sucks, he just saying that the price is bull if it's the same as the original.

I'm pretty sure there are differences, but I haven't read much into Kinect PC version so IDK.

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MurDocINC2323d ago

Biggest difference is PC has a closer range so you can sit in front of it.
I think it could make for some fun video chat. Like giving you VR hands to grab some bootie which would morph to your touch. I think you all get the idea.

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ShadowKingx2323d ago

its worth if its compatible with xbox 360 and PC. if its just PC way to much.

Shadonic2323d ago (Edited 2323d ago )

the kinect for 360 is already compatable with PC people have already made games and mods and programs to play AAA games that werent even made for kinect already. I dont think itsworth it i remember an article talking about a kinect made for people working on a computer while sitting very close to the kinect i belive that this is it im sure its been moderated so that the pc can harness kinects largest amount of data transfer unlike the xbox one. IDk what they will do next honestly kinects basically done almost everything its just that microsft isent doing it. its the modders and universities and indie developers really brining the amazing things .

BTW excuse my typeing

NYC_Gamer2323d ago

i want the hardware because feel it could bring nice apps/indie projects.but i'll wait for some type of price cut.

GamersRulz2323d ago

It cost the same as PSV ? what the hell is MS smocking?

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