Molyneux to Unveil "Big" Fable 2 Features

Molyneux, who revealed a lovable canine companion in Fable 2 at GDC 2007, will be speaking more about the RPG during his talk, "Fable 2: The Big Three Features Revealed." Fable 2 is slated for a 2008 release.

According to a blog post by GDC executive director Jamil Moledina, Molyneaux "will present the design concepts live, in-game, to provide the level of proof one gets from a traditional GDC postmortem."

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Mr Pumblechook3872d ago

I loved the atmosphere of Fable. Music, setting, characters were great.

Whatever Molyneux promises will be good. I just hope it makes it to the final game!

wageslave3872d ago

Everything Molyneux's done has been genre expanding and inventive. Fable was a rock solid game, great in many many ways.

Fable 2 will probably be a very very good game.

xionpunk3872d ago (Edited 3872d ago )

I also loved the atmosphere of Fable, the art design was awesome. But I was expecting this big open world experience and was a little disappointed with the fact that you were basically following narrow paths
the whole way through the game. Now, if they can do Fable in an Oblivion type open world, it would be insanely cool.

fresco3872d ago

not only a dog, but you have a cat as well! :)

TheXgamerLive3872d ago

Fable was an incredible game and was only limited by the xbox 1, the Xbox 360 being so powerful has opened the doors for Molyneux to do what he has truly envisioned and I for one am really excited for this.

ThichQuangDuck3872d ago

I mean the dog is a interesting idea but seems like it will annoy me like when pikachu followed me around in pokemon ( you know what im talking about) and i will just feel the need to get rid of it since it will probably help me in no way(I like animals).

shysun3872d ago

It wont make it into the game! :(

kingfury3872d ago

that final fantasy cant offer me? Fable is just a meh game.Crap games like fable and XBOX 360 is why I think I'm going to stick it out and keep my PS3. It's got better games in 08 anyway.

TheXgamerLive3872d ago

You won't enjoy Fable 2 and it's freedoms, no you can enjoy FF 58, there all the same oh no wait but FF 59 is going to have blue green grass!!!

Alpha_Gamer3872d ago

offers real time combat
offers a non linear story
offers cool worls to explore
offers other things not yet talked about.
I have (no joke) felt myself dozing off while in a combat sequence of FFX.
"Crap games like fable and XBOX 360 is why I think I'm going to stick it out and keep my PS3."
Last I checked XBOX 360 is not a game.
Last I checked fable is not a crap game
Conclusion: you are a fanboy.

Bolts3872d ago

The real question should be what can Fable 2 offer you that Fallout 3 doesn't. Hell even Oblivion GOTY is looking better than Fable 2 at this point. There are many issues with the Fable 2 franchise but the heart of the problem is Molyneux. This guy sucks at designing RPGs, he's more of RTS and god game designer. He's like a Will Wright without the Sims and his best days as a developer is over.

Instead of wasting their money on this doomed franchise MS should pull out and get him to make something he's actually good at, RTS. Thats a genre that the PC totally dominate and if MS can pull a "Halo" on that genre the console war could be over.

xionpunk3872d ago

Fable was far from being a "crap game" but yeah, as far as rpg's go Final Fantasy beats it out. While I found it hard to even put FF XII down, I got bored kind of quick with Fable. Fable did let you customize they way your character looks though, which was cool.

Highwayman3871d ago (Edited 3871d ago )

Here is an idea. How about if you don't like the game or the system it is on, then don't comment. I mean why would you want to comment a game you don't like?? Do you PS3 fans have nothing better to do? Are all of you that immature? Are you mad because your mom forgot to pack your snack pudding for your lunch? I'm curious to know these things. Fable 2 will be one of the best ARPGs out there. Period. Correct me if I am wrong, but if you don't own a 360 or you don't like the 360, should you really come in here and comment??

@ Fanboi Oblivion GOTY looks better because why?? It's finished, right?
The only screens we've seen from Fable 2 are from an early test engine. The game will look much, much better.

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MK_Red3872d ago

I liked original Fable but hopefull Fable 2 ends up much more than that. Hope all the features make it to the final product and we can have a true Molyneux masterpiece after years.

TheXgamerLive3872d ago

Molyneux has been given all the tools he needs, the right people, the right next gen. console and the right amount of time that he needs to do it in.

This should finally be the masterpiece realized.

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