Ninja Gaiden 3 The Collector's Edition First Look Revealed

Check out the first look of Ninja Gaiden 3 The Collector's Edition now!

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nyobzoo2198d ago

the figurine looks pretty cool

eferreira2198d ago

got the sigma 2 one, must get this one

Tanir2198d ago

Gettin it for sure now that the statue is cool and it comes with all 4 characters for the demo :P

Xenoflare2198d ago

The trailer demo was lacking..... Gonna wait a bit after the game's release to see fan's reaction.

gamingdroid2198d ago

I'm thinking so too.

What I have seen so far seems depressing to what it used to be....

acemonkey2197d ago

trailer for MP looked a messed.....but the collectors ed looks cool