PlayStation Vita Sparks Interest In Japan, Survey Says

A survey of 714 Japanese who either owned or were interested in portable gaming devices was conducted in the last half of December, showing that 49% of the respondents picked the PS Vita as the gaming machine they'd most like to try out. The Nintendo 3DS came in second, with 18.8% saying they'd like to try it it out more than any other gaming device.

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Sinner101GR2262d ago

Sure...interest is fine, but that isn't translating into sales.

KeybladeMaster2262d ago

That's an interesting statistic(even though its not an exact math, some teachers even argue its not even math). I wonder what the margin of error for this survey was.

donniebaseball2262d ago

I still think Vita's more likely to do better in Japan than in the West, just as the PSP did. Will be interesting to watch the Vita launch unfold next month.

Zardos2262d ago

At this rate, Vita will have to get a price cut, just like the 3DS did. My Zelda 3DS has been a great purchase, and the price cut did make me buy the portable 6 months before I intended to.

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