Sony Announces Early 2008 Line-Up

Make no mistakes about it, Sony is not joking around when it comes down to first party releases. Having come off a solid holiday line up, including blockbusters like Uncharted, Warhawk, and Ratchet and Clank, SCEA has wasted no time in announcing a their early 2008 offerings.

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Panthers3905d ago

Ok, where is Socom? That is all I care about and I was hoping it would come early.

Milkman5413905d ago

I wonder the same thing. It was suppose to be out in Nov. Then I heard Jan/Feb 08 and now hell I don't know.

From what I can see though is Warhawk is semi like Socom so they wouldn't want both of those games coming out within 6 months of each other. Maybe there just going to make Socom 4 now and add single player.

Panthers3905d ago

No they are still doing Confrontation. I just think they are unsure about the date. Or maybe since it is being made by Slant Six, it isnt on the list. I hope Warhawk isnt the reason. Those are 2 very different games.

QUNE3905d ago

Because I have no intention to buy a PS3 until then.

Edwin19893905d ago

hmm not a huge lineup...

but... I NEED GT5!

and echochrome... I hope they release a demo because that's a weird game :O

Skerj3905d ago

Those aren't ALL the games being released in that time period, only the Sony first party ones.

Edwin19893905d ago

I knew that :) but to be honest I only looked at the PS3 section since I stopped playing my PSP a while ago...

still, first party devs have a lot more games in development (or at least a lot more (1st and 3rd party) exclusives), so this list is a little short :)

Mario183905d ago

So Xbox 360's line up is Teh better
We got .... ummm...

360_Rules3904d ago

NG2, Fable2, Halo Wars, Alan Wake, Banjo Three, Splinter Cell, Gears2.

PS360WII3905d ago

Hot Shots 5 for me ^^ and God of War for PSP probably