Is This What The Next Gen Console Graphics Will Look Like? [PICS]

It’s always fun speculating about next gen graphics. We really don’t know what to expect, but considering the PC tech has advanced quite ahead compared to the current consoles, it gives a slight hint wrt to the ceiling achievable for graphics.

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Reaper99372142d ago

IMHO, I think next gen console graphics will surpass any of those screenshots shown in this article. People need to stop underestimating the insane rate at which tech evolves.

Karooo2142d ago

I don't think so imo. Hard to top Killzone 2 target render haha.

Joule2142d ago

Gamingbolt, don't click.

-Gespenst-2142d ago

Yeah totally agree. Although I think Final Fantasy CG is a pretty good prediction. But I suppose that could be wishful thinking.

Jamzluminati2142d ago

PS3 already does all of that.

just_looken2141d ago

if you want 2 see next gen consoles look at pc sense this year dx12 and new graphics cards are coming out were as next gen console's will have dx10.

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GamerSciz2142d ago

So essentially they are assuming CG/pre-rendered footage from this gen consoles will become the new real-time gameplay of next-gen consoles?

fatstarr2142d ago

I think thats whats always been assumed since the N64/ps1 days

bozebo2142d ago

I would say next gen will be a little better than the modded GTA4 screens (because the assets will be professionaly made from the ground up).
The KZ2 target render looks horrible lol.
As for the last pic, that is what PC games will look like about 3-4 years into the next console gen :P

I could make a calculated guess that the nextbox will have about the same graphical capabilities as a 7970, because MS and AMD still seem to be partnered for the console chip design.
So yeah, the Samaritan demo is quite close - the best looking games will be that impressive but the more demanding games will look slightly worse. Unfortunately though, things will still mostly be stuck at 30fps because 90% of consumers don't notice/care so if they can make it look nicer by halfing the frame rate then it will always help sales.

Virtual_Reality2142d ago (Edited 2142d ago )

It should at least have graphics as Crysis 1/BF3/Metro 2034 at Max Settings running at 60FPS with a variation of AA activated to get rid of those edges and tessellation to get rid of those flat environments with a native resolution of 1080p.

josephayal2142d ago

Sorry but not diff between the PS3 and next gen systems

Jejojaja2142d ago

suppose you have a better ps3 then me then.

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