Twisted Metal: Game Born To Be a Multiplayer

David Jaffe gives away some of his thoughts about the singel and multiplayer from Twisted Metal. It seems he prefers the latter one...

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nevin12044d ago (Edited 2044d ago )

no demo in the pipelines?

TheHardware2044d ago

First!!...after that guy above me

killcycle2044d ago

i'm taking a bubble off you for that, keep shit on topic and stop trolling please.

TheHardware2043d ago

What are you the topic police? you didnt mention anything about twisted metal either? so I'm taking a bubble from joo too.

also 3rd!! woot!!

TM is a great game and I'm buying it!

Freddy_Millz12044d ago

I dont want a demo, im gonna dive in head first, eyes wide open on release day....SURPRISE me Jaffe!

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acemonkey2044d ago

it comes out was born to play on the valentines day so my girlfriend can get pissed lol

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