190° Podcast 83- Underrated Hack

This week on the ParaNerds Podcast the Paranerds speak about Bulletstorm, Mortal Kombat and Ocarina of Time, along with news (see Below) and new releases. They also speak about getting hacked and how much that sucked. They also talk about the most Underrated Game of 2011 and wonder about the PS Vita and the Xbox 720 Tablet and if tablets belong in gaming. The Community also stops by to make a rant this time on N4G and their policy of not allowing sites with Blogspots to make submissions.

Soul Calibur V NSFW Poseters
Mass Effect 3 Demo + More
God of War IV?
Sony Can’t Make PS4 at E3 2012
Rent Twisted Metal
Choplifter HD Gets Free DLC
Resident Evil Revelations + Streetpass
Alan Wake American Nightmare Announced
Silent Hill HD Delayed!
Playstation Store Updates
New Games For Club Nintendo
XBLA Updates Offer

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triverse2198d ago

Loving the show as always guys. You have improved week after week since I learned about you guys at around episode #48. Great job.