Splendid: CD Projekt To Stop Legal Threats

Rock, Paper Shotgun's John Walker writes, "In December, the usually admired CD Projekt RED came under considerable fire for employing a law firm to pursue alleged pirates and demand large sums of money. Compared to blackmail, seemingly avoiding a legal process requiring proof of guilt, and with obvious huge potential for targeting the wrong individuals, it’s a practice RPS is strongly against, as we pleaded to CDP last month. We’re absolutely delighted to report that the company is to cease all such actions."

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bozebo2235d ago

Just keep making more games that aren't crappy console ports and more people will be willing to pay for them.

Of all the companies to chase after pirates, CDPR are the most deserving (along with tripwire). If it was say... EA, I would pirate all of their games that I don't want to play anyway just to be annoying.