A Touching Story, or what makes a good leader?

"Recently when I prowled through the news, one article on the Escapist caught my attention. The story told of a young english boy, from England by the sounds of it, who managed to turn the tide slightly in the eyes of the author. The player, nicknamed by the author Pip, managed to rally a small group of players, and lead a flawless drop-in on a sniper nest in Moder Warfare 4. What the author notices is how accurate Pip was in his calculations and observations, as well as how "commanding" (if I may use the term) his voice was. When I read the whole article, realising how today FPS games are indeed often littered with a lot of "Individuals" rather than teams, I wondered how many such hidden leaders are about, and more importantly, what makes people listen to them."

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sonicsidewinder2327d ago

Being a part of an effective team will always be the way I prefer to play.

It's a key ingredient to enjoying the game properly.

Arma 2 for example. When you're having country wide warfare online, and you are all co-ordinating and speaking together.

Good times.