The Last of Us : Interview with Neil Druckmann and Bruce Straley

Following the interview with Balestra and Wells, has posted a new video with Neil Druckmann and Bruce Straley, creative director and director for The Last of Us.

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GribbleGrunger2232d ago

confirmed: the game will look like the trailer. i really can't wait for this game. i think it's going to surprise quite a lot of people that are used to this type of game pushing the narrative to one side in order to wow people with simple shock tactics. only Naughty Dog could pull this off and i have no doubt they will

Fishy Fingers2232d ago (Edited 2232d ago )

The game will probably "look" as much like that trailer as Uncharted does it's (cut scenes/trailers). Ever so slightly worse and of course less dynamic animations/camera movement.

Should be an impressive looking game, but based on the linear nature of Uncharted 3, if their environments are bigger, I wouldnt expect a big leap in visuals, much like Uncharted 2 - 3.

GribbleGrunger2232d ago

Fishy, of course you can't have the diversity of animations you get in cut scenes transferred to game, it would be damn near impossible to incorporate the amount of separate frames necessary to pull that off.

you can however have the fidelity, detail and lighting (which is what the devs are talking about) for me at least, if this gen consisted of Uncharted 3 standard of graphics, i'd gladly play them all. as far as i'm concerned they've reached a standard that is good enough to take for granted. it's story that matters now and ND will deliver.

CGI-Quality2232d ago

Precisely. Many people don't really understand how these things work, but you nailed it!

In fact, just looking at the cut-scene, the visuals are already a head above Uncharted 3, and with a proposed late 2012 9even early 2013) release date, there's more than enough time to make it look better than the Dec 10 trailer.

TronEOL2232d ago (Edited 2232d ago )


I'd take that last bit with a grain of salt. As I noticed some major differences between Uncharted 3 "1-year-to-launch" trailer and the final product. It didn't look "obviously worse", but it didn't look as good as it was when first shown.

Things like that were more obvious with Uncharted 2. For example, a trailer they showed at E3 that was built FOR E3 ended up look much worse than the game even though they only had an extra few months of work. I was expecting the same with Uncharted 3 but I didn't get that.

In any case, I'm hoping they'll get all of Naughty Dog on this game for the last run to release. Because I believe Uncharted 3 did take a hit from losing the extra help when they were shifted to this new game. I'd hate to see the same for LoU.

Virtual_Reality2232d ago

The standard of this game is looking a lot better than any other game for this year.

THC CELL2232d ago (Edited 2232d ago )

I cant wait for this game.
Fishy Fingers U3 is not a RPG game or resident evil Stop been negative all the time.. why dose everything have to be open world... U make me ill are u a gamer or a nit picking monkey who has to moan all the time...

God i picture u been a prat who says vita too expensive but u will run out and buy a £400 phone that is not dedicated to gaming like a vita

I am glad Sony take risk with games like this or we will end up like the xbox begging for dlc exclusives or gears and halo gears and halo gears and HALO oh and a new ip every next console...

The best risk sony took was heavy rain and we loved it.

MariaHelFutura2232d ago

I personally, wouldn't say FishyFingers comment was negative. In fact, it's pretty realistic.

Fishy Fingers2232d ago (Edited 2232d ago )

Umm nice rant you've directed at me, you seem to have got the wrong impression. Try reading my comment without putting Sonys feeling first.

Open world, banging on about Vita, heavy rain, halo, gears and the evil MS. You got a lot from my short comment huh...

vikingland12232d ago

This game is looking better to me now that I understand where they are coming from. It will be a desolate lonely world,very atmospheric.

CGI-Quality2232d ago

@TronEOL: Nah, there weren't that big a differences between early trailers and final product in either Uncharted 2 nor 3. In fact, much of the final product looked a good deal better (especially game-play, which is really what counts).

With The Last Of Us being a Naughty Dog product, I know what to expect. Visually, it will probably win graphics awards for the company again and be something incredible to play!

Sevir2232d ago

All I want now is game play, I'm pretty sure this will release this year or next! In fact they've been working on it since uncharted 2 ended! the Dev cycle is already longer than Uncharted 2 and 3! Honesty! I'm expecting either GDC or E32012 being the biggest reveal! :-) gameplay! That's what I want!