Mass Effect 3: Loyalty Quests and the Suicide Mission, Yea or Nay?

"Let’s face it, you love Mass Effect. Maybe not the original, but the sequel most likely blew your mind. We are nearly ready to get the third in the Mass Effect trilogy in a scant few weeks, but something concerns me."- Shanghai Six

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OmegaSlayer2322d ago point is that Mass Effect 3 has too few companions from Mass Effect 2.
Unfortunately I played only ME2 on PS3.
As much as I'm fond and respectuful of Wrex...I don't care at all about Ashley/Kaiden and found Liara whining and annoying.
I would prefer to have in my team Miranda, Thane, Samara and Mordin.

Vortex3D2321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )

I had more fun playing ME2 but not going on any of the squadmates loyality mission.

On the final suicide mission, a few squadmates will survive even without their loyality mission. Depending where to place all unloyal squadmates, more or less will survive. The only requirement if you want Shepard to survive after running back to Normandy is have at least one correct loyal squadmate that is willing to pull Shepard back into the ship.

Example, I also tried only have loyal Kasumi and Zaeed on the suicide mission. If I only have Zaeed with Shepard on killing the human-reaper, Zaeed will not care about pulling Shepard into the ship even I chose to complete Zaeed loyality mission in his favor by killing the bad guy. But if I have Kasumi on killing human-reaper, she will pull Shepard into the ship.

It's not as easy as it looks on trying on keeping on certain squadmate alive on the suicide mission with Shepard alive by not doing the loyality mission. My plan is have ME2 save that has almost everyone dead with Shepard alive imported into ME3 and see how the game plays out. I can smell a can of worms doing this because Bioware better not replace the dead squadmates with generic new character that is just as capable.