Attention PC gamers; Namco BANDAI is aware of your desire for Dark Souls

DSOGaming writes: "As we said earlier this week, Dark Souls PC petition could very well be the most successful online petition and get ready everyone, as we have the first response from Namco. According to Namco’s forum administrator, shoupinou, Namco is now aware of this high demand. Yeah, it was not the response you’ve all been waiting for but still, it’s a positive response as shoupinou expressed his gratitude to all PC gamers. So yeah, there is light at the end of the tunnel."

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NYC_Gamer2233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )

it's good to see the petition picking up steam/getting the right peoples attention

h311rais3r2233d ago

Ya. Finally a gaming petition that could work. I already own ds but I want it for my pc. Who wouldn't want 1080p 16xaa and 60fps? I'm not knocking consoles just laying it out.

fluffydelusions2233d ago

Same. I have it on PS3 but some parts like Blightown the frame rate is pretty bad. On PC this wouldn't be an issue.

MAJ0R2233d ago

just so you know if they do put a game on PC it will be Dark Souls, not Demon's Souls as Sony owns the rights to it

PiccoloGR2233d ago

Let's keep it up now. No reason to rest now that we got Namco's attention :D

HeartDisease2233d ago

if this does happen and they optimize this for a 64bit DX11 machine, i will buy it again. add in mod support and it will be around for years and years.