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Paul852104d ago

Not your typical resident evil but this game looks awesome can't wait to get my hands on it

StraightPath2104d ago

wow look how far resident evil changed from a horror game now all out action lol well ill be renting this anyways. From the trailer could be fun.

Kurylo3d2104d ago

looks aweful... at least we get to see racoon city some more.

KillerPwned2104d ago

I think the game looks pretty bad ass sure its not what we grew up with. But this is sometime I would not mind every now and then. I still want my true Resident Evil game back to the roots of say Resident Evil 2.

Paul852104d ago

Don't take it the wrong way the classic RE gameplay is the best but it's ok to try a new approach to a series my favorite was RE2 least RE5

Tdmd2104d ago

I'll try to forget it is a resident evil game and think of it just as a socom shooter - and then, I'll get it, for it looks fun.

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