Killzone On PSN Is Bad News For Killzone Fans

While the possibility of bringing Killzone back to a larger audience is certainly heartwarming, doing so under the “PS2 Classics” label is a self-defeating initiative. Killzone, brilliant as it was, cannot be re-released with the same code it was made of seven-and-a-half years ago. It needs an HD remake, arguably moreso than any other PS2 game that has thus-far received such treatment.

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dark-hollow2352d ago

I don't know what's so brilliant about killzone 1
Killzone 2 marked the franchise fame and truly was epic.
Killzone1? Mediocre sauce.

KeybladeMaster2352d ago

Really? I thought it was kinda fun when I played it back in 2005. Empty and bad AI but still a fun game.

MAJ0R2352d ago (Edited 2352d ago )

yeah in 2005 but the game is dated now, just accept it and move on. Killzone is no classic.

KeybladeMaster2352d ago

The other thing I remember is that it actually had a pretty good story. I would argue it had the best story out of all 3. Hakka was a really cool character that I really liked. He's up there with Radec as one of the best characters from the Killzone series.

bozebo2352d ago (Edited 2352d ago )

It was a decent shooter to fill the gaps, and the multiplayer was fun for like 10 minutes.

I am of the opinion that KZ1 was a lot better than 2, the guns just felt a lot better; which is generally the thing that makes an FPS good.

The only recent FPSs to have decent feeling guns are CoD (all of them), BF3 and Killing Floor. Other FPSs seem to be programmed on a work-to-rule by outsourced software developers rather than actual game programmers >_<

darthv722352d ago (Edited 2352d ago )

i would like to play through it but not in its current state. I've tried on the PS2 and the framerate actually makes me a bit queasy. So there the game sits at chapter two (or whatever the 2nd area would be called). That was 5 years ago I bought it. Then when i got the PS3 I thought playing it through a PS3 would improve things but sadly it did not.

The current trend of taking what was old, giving it a new coat of HD-ish paint and re-releasing it just makes more sense with this game. There are lots of benefits to doing that, especially in the graphical/gameplay departments.

It's not "bad" news its getting a release on PSN. Just disappointing it isnt getting the treatment other games like GoW and SotC got.

LightofDarkness2352d ago

It was a pretty "standard" game at the time, mired by frame drops and low FOV. Also, "chest-high walls" syndrome. You were guided along by indestructible, insurmountable hedgerows, which only drew emphasis to the lack of a jump button.

We completed for a laugh when it came out, but it wasn't anything special or memorable. The most memorable things were 1. Rico sucks, and 2. Hedgerows.

sikbeta2352d ago

KZ2 is the Peak of this franchise, no one can deny that, I'm sure even the Multiplayer in KZ2 has more people playing it than KZ3 lol

morganfell2352d ago

One word...Hakha. Sean Pertwee's v/o work is spot on. Also Killzone had more of the bombed out WWII feeling than the later 3 titles.

Between that and Shadow Marshal Luger, both more interesting characters than Rico, the game still stands out for me and I for one am glad it is being issued for the PS3. Although I have the game and a 60GB PS3, I am still looking forward to this. If you want to use age to dislike the game then prepare to drop every title that came out before 2005 into the same bin. FInd a different reason. I am sure you can do it if you put your mind to it.

Nodoze2352d ago

TOTALLY agree about the gun feel for Killzone 1. They felt powerful and were just plain fun to shoot. The guns on KZ2 were sub par at best. They sounded weak, didn't have the fire and flash when being fired like the guns in KZ1, and were a chore at times (the revolver pistol is a snore fest).

Also agree that it BY FAR had the best story.

I really wish Sony would lend Guerilla some assistance with putting together a narrative. They have done well with graphics and engines, but need help with narrative.

raztad2352d ago


I actually think is Sony screwing KZ universe narrative. KZ1 was a third party project and like you said, it has by far the best storytelling and character development out of them three.

It is easy to see Sony trying to push another bald marine dudebro story, B quality action summer Hollywood bluckbuster, and miserably failing at it. KZ has so much potential, but if something dissapointed me about KZ3 was the story. Everything else was superb.

EVILDEAD3602352d ago

I said this when the article announcing the title came out.

Kilzone definately shouldve been a shoe-in for an HD makeover.

It's suprising given how big the brand is. But maybe Sony didn't feel it was worth it at this point.

Still woulve been cool..

Can I get an HD remake of 'Black' then?


EeJLP-2352d ago

Killzone needs a full remake, not an HD remaster.

The repetitive enemy death screams are annoying, some parts are very repetitive, feels like you're doing the same part 3-5 times in a row. AI not that good, etc. HD's not going to do much for it. Needs a full remake with the Killzone 2+ or PS4 engine.

potenquatro2351d ago

If I may randomlly put my 3 cents here..

cent1: it's never bad news to have more games
cent2: KZ1 was kinda bad
cent3: @bozebo- if u think COD and KZ3 has good guns and hit detection, may I suggest u consider RB6 Vegas1, Vegas2, any source game, fear...

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Sizzon2352d ago

Playing split/screen with a friend against bots was fun tho :D

RedDead2352d ago (Edited 2352d ago )

Yeah this was great, i'd call the game average. It's definitely not shi* from what I remember. Worth playing....back then at least

Holy crap, Nov 2004 was when this was released? I can see why it gets called crap then, COD2 released less than a year after in comparison...there were alot of great FPS out. Halo 2 was out and all..jesus I suppose, Killzone had to contest with Halo 2, they were released in the same week, and Battlefield 2 for PC a few months later?? stood no chance

I must say though, that beach with trenches, and bots was really good. That was a great map

Edit---here it is haha

christheredhead2352d ago

You pretty much summed it up. I would go over to my friends house everyday after school just to play some split screen bot multiplayer. Good times.

Blaine2352d ago


Don't you remember? Killzone 1 was the "Halo Killer"! Was supposed to be anyways... Didn't turn out quite that way.

From what I remember, the gameplay was bad, but the story was good.

JoGam2352d ago (Edited 2352d ago )

KZ1 being on PSN is NOT bad news for anyone. I don't care how bad the game sucked. Its called "OPTIONS". KZ1 on PSN give everyone an option to buy and enjoy if its what they want to do. If you didnt like it in the past, dont buy it. No need create bad press for it.

Condrarian2352d ago

That's the thing though, I did like it, but it's technical flaws have dated the game to such a degree that this re-release won't improve on that or satisfy new fans who came in by playing 2 and 3.

frelyler2352d ago

@aesirknight, but do the people who are going to download and play this game really going to expect it to look like current gen games? I think you are looking at this wrong. I did play KZ1 on PS and while the graphics were quite good for the time, the game was bad. However, I would not expect much of a game that is now 7 years old. I think its more so people can experience the first game, but to expect HD graphics come on man. It is what it is.

cpayne932352d ago (Edited 2352d ago )

@frelyler Don't you think it would have been better if they had given the game an hd remake? They could improve controls and the technical glitches. What I really wanted was something like what they did with Halo CE. I'll still buy this though, because I've never played it and I love the previous two Killzone games.

Edit: Is it possible that they could fix some of the bugs in this game even though they are releasing it as a ps2 classic?

C_Menz2352d ago

How is it bad? Probably in the top 10 of my most played PS2 games. Loved the story mode(it had a lot more depth than the other two games) and I spent a ton of hours in the bot mode with my friends.

Condrarian2352d ago

@frelyler HD remakes don't change the way the game looks, they just update the textures, aliasing, and framerate so that the games don't look blurry and dated on HDTVs, that's all I want, and all I think a re-release needs.

@C-Menz It's in my top 10 PS2 games as well, but solely for the plot and characters. It had a lot of technical hiccups that buried it against the competition, and I think that by not taking the time to update it, (as they did the Team Ico games, God of War, Sly Cooper, etc.) Sony is shooting themselves in the foot.

Maddens Raiders2352d ago (Edited 2352d ago )

From the article: "It’s a massive, massive missed opportunity, and a poor complement to this fan of the original, who has been disappointed by its follow-ups a great deal."

When I first read in a prior article that the game was coming back with no HD remake and no trophy support I couldn't believe it. This is akin to bringing back God of Wars from the PS2 and not remaking them nor adding trophies. WTF Sony. KILLZONE is a cult classic and remains one of the most recognizable SNE ip's out there. This was/is a bad, bad move and a slap in the face to the hardcore fans like me and millions of others.
----------------------------- -----------------

@dark-hollow - If you don't know "what's so brilliant" about KZ you never will. Honestly, just judging by your statement, "KZ2 marked the franchise fame.." it sounds like you never even played it. The reason why KZ2 was created was b/c of the cult like following and dedication players had in 2004 whilst playing KZ1. That's why I disagreed w/ you.

@bozebo -'re winning dumbest comment of the thread so far, congratulations. "...and the mp was fun for like 10 minutes".. lol people played KILLZONE incessantly and the rooms were always robust. THE BEACH, THE PARK, ORBITAL STATION, DELTA CREEEK, SOUTHERN HILLS, VEKTAN SLUMS, etc... the mp was fantastic.

Ppl that have never played KZ and have only "heard" about it or read a "review" on it need to stop posting BS pulled out of their arses b/c it really shows.

KILLZONE deserves much more than what is presently on offer from SNE.

Azfargh2352d ago

Mediocre sauce with melee attack sistems ahead of his time, 4 ways to play the single player campaigns, splitscreen on multiplayer and originated the Kz universe.

Watch it, boy. This is no mediocre sauce... Kz3 is.

FinaLXiii2352d ago (Edited 2352d ago )

Killzone 2 is just good graphics and sluggish obesse gameplay with crappy storyline (garza dies + templar dies + kill bad guy = kz2 storyline).

The multiplayer was decent if you actually love to camp near the objectives for 20 mins.

trenso12352d ago

i guess you would rather be able to sprint 3 times than the normal human(COD) or sprint forever(BF3)? the story was great and even though it had little character depth more than either BF3 or Mw3, it was better story MW3 and BF3 IMO. i love playing BF3 and im only using it as example.

Megaton2352d ago

To be brutally honest, the series wasn't worth playing until Killzone 2. I owned KZ1 and stopped around the 3rd or 4th stage. The intro was pretty good, especially for its time, but it was a sharp decline after that.

n4gisatroll2352d ago

Dude, you missed out. It gets much better.

andron6662352d ago

I never understood the flack KZ got. Probably because media hyped it as a Halo killer, something that it it never was supposed to be.

I enjoyed KZ and played it a lot when it came out, it's a solid shooter and pretty ambitious for a PS2 game. At the same time I'm not sure a HD remake is the best idea. They should concentrate on making new games instead.

Although it could turn out great if they did a little fine tuning...

StraightPath2352d ago (Edited 2352d ago )

Killzone a classic? lol there is plenty of other PS2 games that would be a suitable candidate for HD treatment or rerelease. This everyone knows was medicore sauce lol so funny how fanboys trying to play this POS up from the gaming hell of worst games ever.

showtimefolks2352d ago

Killzone 2 had the best MP out of all KZ games
and in my humble opinion KZ3 had a more fun story

Kalowest2352d ago

The story for the whole series is retarded.

n4gisatroll2352d ago

I enjoyed killzone 1 a lot. Being able to play many of the missions from 4 different routes or characters was awesome. I prefer the online over the newer ones as well. I'm not afraid to say the ps2 had a hood online service, even though it was lacking especially compared to other services.

NarooN2352d ago

Did you play it? It was a way of life game for me, the multiplayer was amazing. The only real problem with the game was the inconsistent framerate. I was hoping for an HD remaster, which could have the game at 60fps or at least 30fps at all times, but I guess not.

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BakedGoods2352d ago

I kind of agree. KZ2&3 are some of the best games I've played, but I own the original Killzone, and it's a steaming POS.

We may find new fans of the franchise jump on KZ1 only to be taken back by how awful it is (AI, glitches, lack of fun). Hopefully it won't tarnish the franchise.

Ravenor2352d ago

Whats best about Killzone 1 is the Level of Detail shifts on character models. Seeing how much detail got stripped as they run away or run towards you was always funny.

TheKindRoost2352d ago

Yes it was plagued by screen tears, glitches and bad ai but "lack of fun"? doesn't sound like we played the same game. It had one of the most solid and best Campaign in any shooters last gen hell, shooters this gen campaign wise don't come close.

Azfargh2352d ago

The characters developed very well with the players (which made actually the player care about them), 4 ways to play the story mode (some of them leading to extra story details or different scenarios), somehow, the game felt much more immersive than Killzone 2 and 3. Ah yes, the melee attacks was better than KZ3 (specially with Luggers Knife).

Calling Kz3 "some of the best games I´ve played" seems suspicious for average taste. Kz2 is indeed far much more superior (graphically on motion blur and AA effects... it looked like a CG and with more unique identity with the mono color pallet) rather than the identity-crisis-uncharted Kz3.

BakedGoods2352d ago

Uh huh. Interesting experience with KZ1. I can't relate, but it's good to hear some enjoyed it.

Regarding your KZ2/3 comment, I totally agree, so I'm afraid you wasted your effort.

KZ2 is most definitely better than KZ3. Even more so, KZ3 was one of the weaker titles released this year. I lumped them together simply to highlight the fact that I enjoyed the latter KZ titles immensely. I failed to anticipate someone would emphasize that portion of my comment and critique it.

devilhunterx2352d ago

I played KZ1 on the PS3 BC and it was damn fun except for the sniper rifle....

KZ1 really need a remake / anniversary version

NarooN2349d ago

I love KZ1's sniper rifle, it took skill and time to get good with it. Reminds me of TS2's sniper system. It wasn't as simple as CoD's trashy, scrub-centered "oh just hit the aim button and press the fire button, lolol" stuff.

DeadIIIRed2352d ago

I remember the first level in the trenches being fun, but I never even bothered to finish the rest of the game.

DigitalAnalog2352d ago

I might get it for the story. But it would be nice to have it run with the current KZ3 engine. After all, the story and assets are already in place. And SONY has a LOT of other studios who could really use a hand in the PS3 market.