10 Ways that Final Fantasy XIII-2 is better than Final Fantasy XIII

Seemingly minor decisions can often have a huge effect on a game's overall quality.

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KeybladeMaster2383d ago

Here we go. Personally I don't like the XIII mythos but I know other people that do. I can understand the fans that don't like where the series is headed (including myself) but I also understand that there are people and gamers out there that like this game. And if they think it's fun then good for them. That's why we all play video games anyways. Right?

Elda2382d ago

^well said,it's good to hear people give fair comments instead bashing & giving their negative opinions about FF-XIII & FF-XIII-2.

KeybladeMaster2382d ago

Glad to see that we are all in agreement. That's nice too see.

Off topic:Got both copies of Kingdom Hearts & Kingdom Hearts II in the mail just now. So excited to replay these games. Watching KH intro right now and getting very nostalgic. Seriously one of my favorite games ever. Square needs to hurry with Kingdom Hearts III.

iamtehpwn2382d ago (Edited 2382d ago )

"there is an option to make the cursor default to the Abilities line in combat rather than the Auto-Battle line."

#2, Turning the Cursor to Abilities instead of Auto Battle was a feature in the original XIII. So a lot of the people who complained about Autobattle, I was thinking "You can turn it off, right?"

Xenoflare2382d ago

Well said.
People play video games because they enjoy them, including us as well. Then again, not everyone ;)

Ranma12383d ago (Edited 2383d ago )

No it isnt, it stands at 53/100 on the japanese metacritic (D rating)

Whereas FF13 stands at a C rating

vuzuki2383d ago (Edited 2383d ago )

53 ? That number reminds me of something... oh yeah, a certain Game of the Year !

Unless of course you think these sites are ran by hateful trolls.

PCE2382d ago (Edited 2382d ago )

Good point, however you pointed out the metacritic page for the PS3 version, which has many angry PS3 gamers that their Skyrim is defective and broken while the other two versions are more playable by a mile. PC and 360 versions have significantly higher metascores than the PS3 version. By reading some of the comments on the Skyrim PS3 metacritic page you'll know why the PS3 game got such a low user score.

Bethesda's ES and FO games are fantastic, but the PS3 version of Skyrim is one of their worst games. It's probably the most broken game of this generation, and this gaming generation has broken plenty of industry records of absolute bullshit like widespread console failures, and possibly the least stable "AAA" games in the history of ever. Patching was a great concept that is now used as a cop-out excuse to release poorly tested games on the grounds they'll be able to fix it later if they care enough to.

Regarding FFXIII-2, most of the negative votes are probably from haters that never once played the game. I really hate the first FFXIII but dragging metacritic scores down is really pathetic. The game should naturally get the score it deserves. Look at MW3, how many haters voting it down. User scores unless they have valid comments backing them up like the PS3 Skyrim, are the single worst indicator of a game's greatness or quality.

vuzuki2383d ago (Edited 2383d ago )

According to the same website Star Ocean 4 is WAY better than Dark Souls... which is also a D Rank.

I guess a few people here would disagree with that.

But if it's as good as Dark Souls I'll be happy.

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Ryo-Hazuki2382d ago

Story may be worse but FF13-2 is better than 13 in all other areas. I've talked to many people who have imported it and all of them say its improved over 13. It's obvious when I played the demo there's simply more things to explore and do

king052382d ago

The demo was pretty good IMO...

Hyperbomb692382d ago

After playing the Demo, the game felt almost exactly the same as FFXIII. The biggest difference was the "town" although it didnt feel like a town it just felt like an area where enemies dont spawn. the battle system is all the same. the adding monsters to help you is kinda meh... It still kinda felt like I was running through a tunnel but we'll see more about that when the game comes. It all comes down to the story, if the story is good the game will be good. So they better make the story to this game REAL good.

Hicken2382d ago

It felt the same at the very start. Once I got my hands on a few monsters, however, it was completely different. Well, that, and the Crystarium itself is very different. The fact that you've got a lot more choice in where you go/what you do is also different, and having "Wounds" that don't heal with the rest of your health is battle is also different. The QTE stuff didn't exist the first time, so that's also different, and adds some interesting flair to boss battles. There's also the story, which is completely different, except that apparently some guy wants to kill everything/everybody.

... yeah, I guess it's ALMOST exactly the same.

MRMagoo1232382d ago

The only thing that matters to me is the game is again one big giant never ending corridor i kinda wish i didnt buy it now, there is no exploration at all its like a FF themed crash bandicoot

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