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WetN00dle692203d ago

If only this got released on February instead of March......:( the wait is killing me.

cemelc2203d ago

Im on the fence on this one.

I really want the game to be good but capcom has been so bad this gen, and those gold/super editions really pissed me off.

BattleTorn2203d ago

between Capcom, and Slant-Six (Socom:Confrontation) I wasn't very willing to give this game a chance.

But i gotta say the gameplay looks sick.

I think I'm now sold.

Rainstorm812203d ago

Survivor Mode sounds interesting... everyone fighting for limited space on a helicopter could get interesting.

Im hoping this game turns out good

Nathaniel_Drake2203d ago

You know I was hoping even when RE5 was out that they would adopt the treyarch zombie mode in RE5 where you are hold up in a run down house just like in RE4 when Leon and Luis where in a house stopping the la plagra from coming in, they can do wonders with those modes even have u escaping the house go into the field and board up somewhere else. That would be a great game mode to implement

acemonkey2202d ago

it looks cool....but stiff and awkward maybe they can fix it before its release...but ill might give it a rent...i hope they dont try some online pass