Naruto Generations: 8 New Screenshots of Kakashi Taking on Itachi

Namco Bandai has released 8 new screenshots of the latest Naruto game.

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RedDead2263d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

My two fav characters

Play demo Keyblademaster, improvements are surprisingly massive. On a gameplay perspective, it looks exactly the same as the other, but there are many improvements to the battle system.

Subbing is much less random apparently. And you only have 4 subs, this makes it much more strategic, you'll see why when you play the demo. This improves the gameplay ALOT imo

Combat is much faster paced you can now chakra air dash too.

KeybladeMaster2263d ago

I already have Ninja Storm 2 so I think I will be okay on the Naruto games for a while :).

tayz2263d ago

get this, it will be better than Storm 2!

KeybladeMaster2262d ago

*Looks inside wallet*

Yea like I said I wont be able to buy Naruto games for a while ;). College dude. Sucks out all the funds you would like to have lol.

Reborn2262d ago

It's just boggling how these changes couldn't be in Storm 2. This gen really has gone nuts. Chak air dash should have been in at least Storm 2. Most of the chars too.

But as usual, hold it back...