Dead or Alive 5 demo screenshots

Tecmo Koei has released new screenshots of Dead or Alive 5.

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FrigidDARKNESS2353d ago

Are these screens from the game play or in engine.

Tanir2353d ago (Edited 2353d ago )

gameplay, we get this demo with ninja gaiden 3.

WOW, there is battle damage too! ryu's armor is all dirty, and scarf ripped up, and Hitomi's jacket isn't even on anymore, freaking amazing

[email protected] RustedMan

Ummm, no texture to the skin...yeaaah, probably because lets see, its not done.....2 its still anime, hell Tekken, soul cal and MK dont have skin texture so wtf lol. u can still see the viens bulge from he muscles and muscles flex since doa4, why do u want giant pours on the characters skin?

no need for that much texture unless they are old like bass or genfu.

OhMyGandhi2353d ago

why is there STILL no texture to anyone's skin?