Games Due For Revival: Franchises Gone But Not Forgotten

1UP writes, "
ake a look at the shelf of your local game shop for too long and you might start to feel a disquieting sense of loss. Sure, your Marios, Sonics, and Gods of War are there, but what about your other old friends? Think for a minute about your gaming past and strange, blurry images of blue "mega" men and rapping puppies with irritable bowel syndrome may enter your mind. Did these things really exist, or are they just figments produced by the intake of too much Mountain Dew Game Fuel?"

"Rest assured, you're not going crazy -- at least not the kind of crazy that a professional gaming website can diagnose. Rather, you're just one of the many witnesses to time's cruel inhumanity to the videogame franchise."

"Some have been killed because of their genre. Some have been killed for being critical darlings but commercial failures. Some have even been killed for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. One thing is certain: They are gone and we should all be very, very sad."

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lynx1halo3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

i forgot his sidekick dogs name but i miss him too

@Brainiac 8

Thx, for some reason his name never comes to mind

BlackIceJoe3873d ago

I am up for a new Chrono game. Even if it is only a remake that would be nice too. As for PaRappa I would like to see another one. Plus the other games would be cool to see too.

Brainiac 83873d ago

A new Mega Man Legends and Chrono game.

Chrono Trigger is still one of the best RPGs ever created bar none.

oh, and Mega Man's dog was named Rush.

Dlacy13g3873d ago

But I want to see Mechwarrior make a come back....and grace the consoles & PC again.

MK_Red3873d ago

Earth... Worm... JIM.
M... D... K.
I want them back and I want them NOW.

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