Hitman: Blood Money rated for PS3. IO dev dodges the HD question

Have a look over at the ERSB website and you’ll find a rating for Hitman: Blood Money on PS3, following on from the PSN Killzone PS3 release revealed this morning. There’s no telling yet whether it’s an HD remake or a straight port. However when I spoke to Christian Elverdam, Hitman: Absolution‘s gameplay director recently, I asked if there were any plans for an HD remake of the older games. His answer? “That’s something I can’t really answer. It’s a good question”.

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KeybladeMaster2260d ago

Maybe (and I am just throwing this out there) they will bundle Blood Money with the new Hitman game.

Snookies122260d ago

That would be pretty cool if they did. XD

Agent_00_Revan2260d ago

Immediately thought the same thing. would be cool. but also wouldnt mind the whole collection.

JohnApocalypse2260d ago (Edited 2260d ago )

How long has that been there on the ESRB website?

SilentNegotiator2260d ago

I want a Hitman HD collection. It's torturous that SC and MGS already do, but Hitman does not.

jaymart2k2260d ago

I already played Hitman Blood Money HD 5 years ago. It'd called Xbox 360.

doolindesperado2260d ago

I would like it to happen, but it probably won't. I think that they are going to pull a Killzone, but posting the original game on the PSN and not bothering to do anything to for it. If we see a ESRB rating for the other two, then we might. We will have to see.