Q1 2008: Busy Time for Xbox 360

Xbox Live Video Marketplace went online today, giving Xbox 360 owners access to downloadable films – and according to Microsoft, this is only the beginning.

Speaking to In Stock, Robin Burrowes, Xbox Live marketing manager for the UK, said, "The new video service is certainly a focus for us in the first few months of 2008."

"There are lots of people buying Xbox 360s in the run-up to Christmas time, and because we offer Xbox Live free for everyone in the first month, we saw this level of interest coming through February and March time periods last year, and we're expecting the same thing again this year," he added.

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ruibing3869d ago

The title is a bit misleading, I thought it meant games. Are downloadable films in SD or HD quality? And are they also delayed for a week for silver accounts?

razer3869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

They offer both SD and HD versions. Lots of films don't have HD versions made so of course those are all SD(still great quality). And no Silver members do not need to wait a week. They only have to wait sometimes on free content, but not always.

EDIT: Disagree?? What did I do this time?? hehe I only answered his question. And of course MS isn't going to make Silver wait, they want that money.

persian_prince3869d ago

u sure? cause i only have live silver and there are NO movies available for download when I log on...has always been this way.

razer3869d ago

Are you in the United States, EU or CA? If so, then yes you have access to everything Gold does except online play.

"Movies & TV Shows
You can also tap into hours and hours of movies and TV shows. Xbox 360 is the only gaming console to provide HD and standard-definition TV shows and movies direct to you! Check out Xbox Live Marketplace to find your favorite movies and TV shows to download."

name3869d ago


Is there a PC equivilant of the Xbox live service? For online gaming etc?

socomnick3869d ago

Yea I think theres xbox live for pcs exept its free for pcs.

razer3869d ago

Games for Windows Live, but the online play is free and they do not offer any of the movie/tv stuff. But I do think they plan on expanding to that at sometime.

Dlacy13g3869d ago

and its akin to a silver membership on LIVE for teh free version...I do believe they have a pay version too for Windows LIVE online play...but honestly it hasnt been embraced by the PC community so I think its kinda getting pushed aside by MS>

Mikey_Gee3869d ago

... but is this in Canada too ?? It has been in the USA for a while now.

I HOPE SO ... I have wanted this in Canada for a loooong time now.

razer3869d ago

This is Canada and EU.

UnblessedSoul3869d ago

Enjoy the stereo sound with compressed hd movies xbots I'm sure you will enjoy it

Mikey_Gee3869d ago

My buds with american account DL movies all the time. And they are not in stereo, they have surround sound encoding.

Go back to your bridge TROLL !!

Dlacy13g3869d ago

As for it being in stereo and compressed HD...ummm yeah no. I guess you are just a little jealous because you dont have that on the PS3...oh yeah I know its coming....someday.

razer3869d ago

They are in 5.1 surround. Maybe you were playing them on a non-surround sound receiver or had something configured wrong.

The video is compressed but they look amazing good.

conorgill143869d ago

all though i dont really like 360 that much, what microsoft does is very smart. sony has a big beginning of 2008, and microsoft doesnt really (games wise) and they come out with new live stuff. very smart.

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The story is too old to be commented.