Wii U's Hidden Demo Screenshoots

Now This Demo Looks really good cant wait to see it.

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JonahNL2379d ago

How has this been approved? It's riddled with grammatical errors and more...

mike1up2379d ago

Yea, epic fail on the title especially.

However, E3 was a long time ago and I cant help but jump at any new WiiU news. I am sure whoever approves these things felt the same way.

Undeadwolfy2379d ago

Didn't notice the title error till I saw your comment. I then proceeded to say it out loud and laugh uncontrollably.

Voxelman2379d ago

So they made a Google street view app? I guess it's cool that you can use the controller like a virtual camera, but that was shown in other demos at E3.

mike1up2379d ago


But hey, it's something "kinda" new.

mike1up2379d ago

I like this demo.

For the first time I am actually anticipating racing games with the WiiU controller. Can you imagine looking in your F-Zero rearview mirror and seeing lighting fast cars chasing you down the track.

ABizzel12379d ago

If you watch the video you get to see a more detailed version of all the demos. I kind of like the little Samus Mii's in Battle Mii, but overall it seems like a nice Wii upgrade.

My problem is it's on par with or slightly better than the PS3 and 360, which is great for now, but what happens in 2013 when I'm sure we'll see a new PS4 and Nextbox.

I also want to know if:

1. Nintendo's going to have their online completely revamped and working.

2. Is the third party support going to stay once developers move on to PS4 and Nextbox (I guess they can always do Wii U and PS Vita ports, kind of like the Wii and PSP were doing). (This is kind of sad that a handheld is competing with a home console).

3. Will Nintendo be reviving old franchises, exploring new concepts with their current franchises (Pokemon MMO on Wii U), but more importantly will they be introducing new ones.

If Nintendo can answer yes to all 3 of those questions then I'm back on board with the Nintendo and will be picking up my Wii U.

On a side note I think Nintendo has finalized the Wii U and it probably was ready for a Holiday release last year, but they didn't have enough supply or standout launch titles and didn't want to cut into the sales of the 3DS which had just begun to pick up sales after the price cut. Also they didn't want the Wii U to start off like Nintendo and with no games, so they pushed it back to Holiday 2012 which was a wise decision sales wise, but that's pushing them closer and closer to a PS3 and Nextbox release.