Faces of Fear

Peter Parrish writes:

"Science has given us much. The internal combustion engine, penicillin, Furbies - all represent terrific advancements for humanity. Yet science has a darker side. In sinister underground laboratories, filled with bubbling test tubes, weird electric nodes and other pieces of highly stereotypical equipment, gangs of rogue geneticists are churning out crime after crime against nature. No piece of DNA goes unwarped, no embryo is uncorrupted. The horrific result? Countless perverted offspring of a misguided attempt to play god. The shameful cost of progress.

Oh ... no, wait, sorry. What I've done there is confused a rogue branch of science with various videogame programmers of the 1980s.

Cover your eyes and peek nervously through your fingers as we examine some of the heroes who were inexplicably permitted to enter our homes."

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