Nintendo Wii U: CES 2012 disappointment

Product-Reviews writes: So either way you look at it, it’s a pretty big blow if you was expecting a big reveal this week. It also means that we won’t find out the all-important information regarding a solid launch date, price or what kind of games will be available at launch. We’re guessing that this information will now be saved until E3 2012, and we’re praying that Nintendo will be better prepared for the event with some real gameplay footage to show fans who have not quite jumped abord the Wii U bandwagon just yet.

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Drekken2201d ago

I hate to be cynical, but this thing is going to flop!

MetalX2201d ago

It wont flop but i cant see it coming close to Wii sales.

dark-hollow2201d ago (Edited 2201d ago )

Nobody thought the wii will be successful too.
Well, BAM!

Titanz2201d ago

Seriously N4G...

Why do you hate Nintendo so much?

bergoo2201d ago

Theres a reason he's a one bubble

fatstarr2200d ago

I think I have to come back to N4G to start bursting bubbles and defending Nintendo again.

to be honest months in advance they said there would be nothing new, the same setup from E3 basically.

WooHooAlex2201d ago

Depends what you mean by flop.

I think it will sell 35-40 million. Hardly a flop, but not great in comparison to the numbers the Wii pulled in.

fatstarr2200d ago

I mean the vita selling that much wont be considered a flop but the 3ds would.

numbers are so skewed for Nintendo.

ronin4life2201d ago

That's not cynical. To be cynical, there has to be some form of logic to go along with your negative views, which at this point no one has enough of to be justified.

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SonyNGP2201d ago

"For those of you who are expecting to see brand new details on the Nintendo Wii U at CES 2012 as heavily rumored prior to the event,"

Excuse me. But didn't they say that they're not showing anything new at the event? Where the hell did this "heavy rumor" come from?

GameTavern2201d ago

Like anything on the internet, from themselves.

Nintendo will be at CES... OMG they are going to blow the lid off of Wii U!

Nintendo, we're only showing it behind closed doors to those who didn't see it at e3... somehow, that doesn't get picked up

ronin4life2201d ago

Anyone actually expecting such detailed info about this out of CES doesn't know much about Nintendo.

DeadlyFire2200d ago

Console reveals and details are always at E3. Biggest thing that I have noticed about Wii U. Is that its pricepoint will be high range. Which likely means it will be on par or just at the same level as PS4/Xbox 3 I believe.

I just wish I could see some specs instead of more Nintendo art style type games. Tokyo Street Demo shown at CES looks great. If indeed real-time. It kinda looks like CryEngine 3. Just my speculation though. Impressive if so.

antiAntag0nist2201d ago

That headline is a little misleading. I was under the impression that Nintendo showed something about the Wii-U and that it sucked just from reading it.

cervantes992201d ago

Typical sensationalist headlines from poor sites trying to get hits. Bad grammar in the article as well.

EVERYONE who calls themselves gamers or are into gaming just a little bit knows that E3 is where big reveals are done for the major console makers.

Idiot article - vote this site down for stupidity alone.

gigreen2201d ago

I'm not really excited about the iPad controller. It won't add anything to gaming like the Wiimote did.

Also it wouldn't have hurt to make the Wii U technically more powerful than the PS3 and 360, they had the chance to be the first next gen system with a head start but screwed it up.

Tenkay232200d ago

The wii u specs havent been released yet and you are already claiming its not that much more powerful than the PS360? We know it's based off of the RV770 GPU from AMD which is essentially a Radeon 4000 series, which smokes the PS3 GPU out of the water. You got revs claiming it will be the better version for multiplats because it will have more content and true native 1080p.

Now if you mean it will be weaker than the ps4 and fusion Than I agree seen as how they will be released later.

gigreen2200d ago

Then that's Nintendo's fault for not marketing it right. The trailer had "new gimmick" written all over it. How are people supposed to know that's it's potentially more powerful than what we currently have with a trailer like that?

Whenever Sony or Microsoft launch a new system, they showcase the technology, which, in my opinion, is the main point why people get a new system. So it should be in the forefront.

Tenkay232200d ago (Edited 2200d ago )

@gigreen maybe because Nintendos audivence prefers gameplay over hardware specs. Hardware isn't everything. The last 3 gaming generations has been won by the weakest console but own because of its diverse library of games.

I know the wii u is capable of true 1080p, I know it has better hardware than the PS3 (asit should, seeing as how it's 6 years old now) and that's all I need.

And, here is a possibility, Nintendo doent even know the final hardware yet! It's common for hardware to not get final specs weeks before actual production and when they go on sale. Why reveal to Sony and Microsoft now what the wii u will have? It'll just tip off Sony andmicrosoft to add onto it. Nintendo is keeping their competitors in the dark.

I can wait until E3 to get final specs.

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