RoboDebate: Super Mario Bros. 3 VS. Super Mario World

Not every one at RoboAwesome gets along. Sometimes questions are asked and debates ensue. We’ve decided to bring these discussions between editors to you. Today, which game is better? Super Mario Bros. 3 or Super Mario World?

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Moduserous2201d ago

Without a shadow of a doubt - Super Mario World.

RoboSpiff2201d ago

i dunno... I had no idea what the Japanese were planning till after i read this.

dedicatedtogamers2201d ago

Both games are excellent, but the fact that there's even a debate makes me say that SMB3 is better. Think about it...

An NES game vs a Super Nintendo game? Which one is better, Metroid or Super Metroid? Well, duh, Super Metroid. Which one is better, Legend of Zelda on NES or Link to the Past on SNES? Link to the Past, duh. Which one is better, Final Fantasy I on NES or Final Fantasy III (6) on SNES?

These are all no-brainers. But the fact that we have to stop, ponder, and carefully compare an NES game to an SNES game (SMB3 vs SMW) shows that SMB3 is such a phenomenal game.

Sidology2201d ago

Super Mario 3 had the boot thing.