HQ4Games: Viewtiful Joe Review for the PS2

HQ4Games says: "Capcom is known for Megaman games, Resident Evil games, and fighting games. Viewtiful Joe, produced by Capcom and the obscure Clover Studios, debuted in 2004 on the PS2 and Gamecube as one of Capcom’s attempts at establishing a new series. The game quickly grabs the attention with its strange, grammatically incorrect title and a Power Ranger throwback-looking cover character with his tongue wagging into the wind. With such an interesting looking game, one wonders why it has dripped into obscurity alongside Bionic Commando and other titles. This reviewer assures you that there is good reason; this is not a case of unappreciated genius"

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sinncross2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )


That is what the max approval rate of this article should be, not the score of the game...

VJ is a better game then a 4...

Venox20082289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

8/10 at minimum, this is one of my best games ever, second too

GribbleGrunger2288d ago

so this game got scores of around 8 - 9.5 and now it gets 4/10? and why the hell is it being reviewed now? odd

LettingGo2288d ago

Looking for hits. Don't go to the article. It's one of the best games ever made and we all know it. Move along. Nothing to see here.

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The story is too old to be commented.