Crysis PhotorealIV EGM gives us a taste of how Crysis would look like if it was released today

DSOGaming writes: "If there is one mod that can make Crysis unique and refreshing, then that's definitely CyberAlien's Extreme Quality Mod. CyberAlien's mod is a piece of art and modder 'x0TuRn0x' decided to go the extra mile and to fix some bugs of it, as well as to include it in a map. Thus, Crysis PhotorealIV EGM has come to life. This little mod/map comes with better motion blur and DoF, as well as some gameplay improvements. And damn, those sand textures look lovely!"

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bwazy2199d ago

Dafaq is with the Wide Angle Lens as a visor?

Makes it just laughable.

ninjahunter2199d ago

And the crysis Modding community continues to be bigger and better than that of the crysis 2 Modding community for obvious reasons.

GirlsGeneration2199d ago

That part was pretty cool with that surfing over the water and with that cool music, it's good to see people still make mods for this good game!